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Skip to search. to see this.i recieved a DUI in IL a cpl months ago, and while i am pretty sure i wont get sent to prison, i just want to know what is the level of punishment one gets for a 1st time DUI. also, i got youthful offender status on an unrelated charge in AL 2 years ago, i was just wondering if that could at all affect the outcome of my sentencing for this DUI. this is my first time ever recieving a DUI. i have already recieved papers saying i qualify for a BAIID, so i assume i will just have to take some classes and pay fines?The previous offense will not be brought up and will have no effect.

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    • Begin your case review by filling out the form below or call us 24 Hours a day at 1-607-229-5184. 504 N. Aurora StreetI was arrested for DWI in New York. Is my license automatically suspended? Under New York State law, individuals who are at least sixteen years old but less than nineteen years old who are charged with a crime (misdemeanor or felony) may be eligible for a "youthful offender adjudication." Section 720.20 of the Criminal Procedure Law sets forth the circumstances under which a court may make a finding that a individual is a youthful offender. For purposes of misdemeanor convictions, such as first time DWI offenders, CPL § 720.20 states: Upon conviction of an eligible youth, the court must order a PSI (pre-sentence investigation) of the defendant.

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    • East Greenbush, NY Criminal Defense Attorney James F. Hughes HomeContact Gansevoort, New York Crime Lawyer James F. Hughes is defined as a person who is between the ages of 16 and 19 years of age (16,17,18 and not yet 19) at the time they commit a crime.  It is designed to give the young offender an opportunity to have a criminal conviction converted to a non-criminal determination of youthful offender.The youthful offender process begins when a youth who falls within the age category comes before a court for arraignment.  The arraigning court, usually a local criminal court, must make a preliminary determination that the defendant is an “Apparently Eligible Youth”.  Once this initial determination is made, all proceedings, including the arraignment, are closed to the public and no releases of the arrest or court proceedings may be disclosed to the public, including the press.The final youthful offender determination is not made until after there has been a conviction of a crime, either by plea or trial.  Upon a judicial determination that a youthful offender finding is appropriate based on the law and the particular circumstances of the violator, all records of the arrest and proceedings are sealed and no longer subject to public scrutiny or inspection, effectively shielding from any facts showing the criminal conviction ever occurred.Once a defendant has been granted youthful offender status, their criminal record is sealed and may not be unsealed without the approval of the party or on an order of a court.  This order is not granted lightly.  Effectively the defendant's criminal record of this particular incident ceases to exist.  The youthful offender  if asked if they have ever been convicted of a crime can, as to this particular incident, answer "no".  The criminal conviction has been converted to a youthful offender determination.Practically speaking, a youth being arraigned on a felony is not by definition an apparently eligible youth, and the arraignment and all pre-trial matters and trial are not closed to the public and press.  This is true even though the youth may be adjudicated a youthful offender, after conviction, at sentencing.  All felony youthful offender determinations are discretionary on the trial court and therefore are not sealed from commencement of the criminal process.On the other hand, youths charged with misdemeanors are initially designated apparently eligible youths, and presumed to be mandatory youthful offender eligible.  The misdemeanor arraignment process and all subsequent pre-trial proceedings and trial are closed to the public including the press.  Again it is important for the defense attorney to know the rules to protect their client from public disclosure.Youths accused with vehicle and traffic misdemeanors (i.e.


    • Youthfull Offender Status (Y.O.) in New York State: Guide to Criminal Defense in New York Courts, written by a NY Criminal AttorneysYouthful Offender (Y.O.) in New York State. It is not intended to be legal advice, merely a way to help you understand your needs as your case moves along in New York Criminal courts. All the information, including the law, procedure and penal code is believed to be accurate, but can't be guaranteed due to possible changes and errors. The guide is for information and entertainment purposes only with the express expectation and agreement by the readers that it will not be acted upon in any way. No attorney-client relationship exists or can exist based on the offering of the information in this guide.

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    . Youthful Offender Applications - What You Don't Know Might Hurt You - We've detected that your browser does not support scripting.

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    . Im 20 y/o Alabamian male with a clean record. I was charged with DUI. Would I qualify for youthful offender status? You should qualify for youthful offender status.

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    and in search results.To change your location filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page.Click "OK" to accept this setting, or click "Cancel" to set your location filter to "Worldwide".

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    A discussion of contemporary law, policy, and practice in Florida criminal sentencing.A “youthful offender” (YO) is any person who is sentenced as such by the court or is classified as such by the Department of Corrections pursuant to section 958.04.[FN1] There are two ways by which a defendant can become entitled to the benefits of the YO statute.

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    Many lawyers see the drunk driving case as a no win situation.Yet throughout Michigan the lawyers at the Barone Defense Firm are achieving remarkable results for our clients.

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    Will my son be sent to jail for DUI? – 67 Legal Answers as of March 16, 2012 - LawQA.comFree Answers to your Legal Questions by Lawyers. My 17 year old son was caught driving with a BAC of 0.08%.

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    College students have ample opportunities to succeed, but are often involved in situations that could land them in jail or see them facing serious criminal charges.

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    New York State Youthful Offender Laws | eHow.comDiscover the expert in you. The Empire State has three distinct categories for youths who commit crimes.

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    Often people in Ithaca City Court are confused by the jargon being spewed around the Courtroom. The defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judge love to use an assortment of acronyms and numbers.

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