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series by Clamp. X takes place in the year 1999. The end of the world is fast approaching as , including the first artbook (ZeØro). whose destiny is to decide whether the world should be destroyed so it may be reborn without humanity or save the world so humanity can continue to live in its current state.. Shortly after moving in, Kamui became fast friends with Fūma and Kotori Monou. Kamui and Kotori showed affection for each other at a very early age, which culminated in Kamui asking Kotori whether he could become her "bride".

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    • . para que las cumpla. Mientras tanto, no elimines este aviso puesto el 20 de marzo de 2007.. Se trata del apocalíptico final que vivirá el mundo que todos conocemos. El destino está en manos de un chico de 15 años, de nombre Kamui Shirou, quien deberá decidir si quiere unirse a uno de los dos bandos. Unos pretenden darle una nueva oportunidad a la humanidad, manteniendo todo tal y como está, tras el Día Prometido en . Otros, sin embargo, aseguran que el mundo se merece una revolución y que la humanidad ya no debe dominar la Tierra. Estos últimos anhelan que llegue la Batalla Final, con la que todo será devastado para empezar de nuevo.El manga ha sido recopilado en 18 tomos, pero la trama no ha sido cerrada argumentalmente.

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    • . He is the protagonist of . ., his older twin being a girl named Hokuto. Their parents (who are never seen) were members of the Sumeragi, a clan of for hundreds of years. Subaru was trained from an early age to become the 13th head of the Sumeragi clan, replacing his grandmother. At the age of nine, he was separated from his sister Hokuto for a year of intensive training in . On the day he ascended to the head of the clan, Subaru encountered a strange young man under a . The meeting would subsequently be expunged from his memory.Subaru's grandmother ordered him to wear gloves from that day onwards, and never to allow anyone else to see his hands. The old onmyoji cast a spell that would repel any attempts by others to remove them. Subaru never removed his gloves, and was known to wear them even when sleeping.By 1991, Subaru had grown into a cheerful yet bashful teenager, utterly devoted to helping others—both in his capacity as Japan's most powerful onmyōji and in "normal" life.


    • More TERA... X/1999 (エックス, Ekkusu) is Clamp's foray into apocalyptic fiction. It combines elements from various end of the world scenarios, both secular and religious, with its own mythos. The story takes place at the end of days, in the year 1999. The series follows Kamui Shirō, a young esper who returns home to Tokyo after a six-year absence to face his destiny as the one who will determine humanity's fate. The series is intended for a female audience, so X is drawn in the ornate style characteristic of shōjo manga but with the emphasis on moral conflict and gruesome violence expected of seinen works. The story is influenced by the works of Go Nagai and Kyokutei Bakin.

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    More TERA... Spoiler warning! This article contains information from recent released episode(s) and/or chapter(s). It may contain SPOILERS.You are warned about it, okay? No, it was only after he listened to you...

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    More TERA...The hero of the story. Two versions of this character appear in the series; the one we first meet is a clone (now simply called "The Clone") created by Fei Wong Reed, while the original was kept imprisoned.

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    I was reading something about why clamp canceled or stoped some series and I found out this about X "Not running in any magazine since March 2003.

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    Why was X split into manga and anime? All other anime/manga fandoms are collected on one page. Were two X pages intended? --I'm not sure what you mean by split--the fact that it has both categories? I would guess by the categories and the way the short intro is worded that it was all meant to be on the one page.

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    Kamui Shirou - MyAnimeList.net When the audience is first introduced to Kamui at the very beginning of X, he appears to be nothing more than a brooding and somewhat cocky fifteen year old from Okinawa who is gifted with extraordinary telekinetic powers.

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    Some say in ice. I hold with those who favor fire. And would suffice.After finishing this I felt a bit numb for several days. It is one of the darkest and most emotionally draining television series that I have ever watched.

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