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Be a part of the community. I received a copy of the January 2000 American Sportfishing Newsletter. This newsletter contained interesting information about why anglers fish.

, About.com Guide Ask a fisherman why they fish and you will get a variety of answers. The book and movie from it, "A River Runs Through It" tried to answer that question, and got at some aspects of it. Truth is, every fisherman has his or her own reasons. What are mine? Like most everybody, I love the peace and quiet on most trips. Imagine the still water at your feet, not a ripple on it. The fog is just thick enough so the trees disappear in the distance, and everything around you looks soft.

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    • Skip to search. to see this.They are so boring......WHY? That's like.......I'd buy fish just for my cat has something to play with.......Nothing more....They are so boring... Unless you have like exotic fish or something... My father bought fish and he never takes care of them. I'm the one that does it all.....And I don't even like fish.....They are boring, but I'm not going to let them starve....MY Bearded Dragon is much more interesting to watch....Throw in some crickets or a roach and you get some action......With fish they just swim around in their own toilet.I dont want to dance.Sincerely G... i think it depends on the fish you have , i mean even i may start to dislike something if i was basically forced to look after it :/ that sucks spesh if i didnt even buy them.

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    • I recently read an article that chronicled the results of a market research study conducted in 2000 by Responsive Management in Harrisonburg, VA. In this study, people were asked “What is the main reason you go fishing?” The same question was asked in similar studies conducted in 1980 and 1995. According to the results, just over one-third of the participants in the study fished “for relaxation,” while another one-third fished “to be with friends and family.” Both of these answers showed dramatic and sizable increases compared to 1980 and 1995. Conversely, a declining number of responses were given for “fishing for food,” “fishing for sport” and “fishing for large fish.” There is an old saying that “A bad day fishing is better than a good day in the office.” Clearly, these findings support that statement. On the surface, our technologically-advanced society has become so fast-paced that people seem to have lost of what’s truly important – themselves and their families.


    • Plants vs. ZombiesDog. Friend. Hero.About R.O.A.R.R.O.A.R. ImpactCharles W. Bryant Bryant, Charles W..  "Why do people collect shark teeth?"  01 May 2008.  AnimalPlanet.com. <http://animals.howstuffworks.com/fish/shark-teeth.htm>  16 May 2012.What makes these breeds so special? Take a fun and expert look. Then find out Cheese! Multiple rows of teeth are clearly visible on this sand tiger shark. See more teeth can be found on just about any beach, but some areas are better known than others for the amount and quality of teeth that can be found. Venice, Fla., on the , is the self-proclaimed "shark tooth capital of the world." The gulf has had sharks living there for millions of years, and the erosion of the beaches in Venice make it a hot spot for unearthing these buried sea collectibles.Something that many people may not realize is that sharks have no bones.

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    Why do people think gar are "trash fish"? I just want to understand why people bash the fish so badly. www.myspace.com/teamroug | Field & Stream to learn how)! It also keeps offensive content off our site.

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    There are a lot of environmental problems in the world today. There are, for example, air pollution, land degradation, nuclear issues, global warming, e.t.c.

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    Catholics fast on Good Friday, and traditionally eat fish and not meat on Fridays during Lent. They used to be forbidden to eat meat every Friday, and depending upon their location and diocese, some still are.

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    Welcome to THFF.com! Kick your wading boots off and stick around for a while. You'll find content ranging from NC fishing reports, videos, pictures, fly fishing news from around the state/country/world, humor, and even some irrelevant, yet interesting posts.Click here to visit the Trash Flies Blog.

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    WARNING:  The blog post that follows contains opinions of the writer and is designed to prompt thinking and “a look in the mirror”.  You have been warned, read at your own risk.Although there is no closed season for fishing in Nebraska, and in fact I have fished open water several times after my last ice fishing trip a couple weeks ago, one could say that we are on the eve of the 2012 open-water fishing season.

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    who are new to the hobby can often be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices in front of them when it comes time to stock a new tank.

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    Anyone who has ever walked into a friend's yard and seen a well stocked Koi pond for the first time is immediately captivated by the beauty, variety and serenity of the Koi fish.

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    This is a discussion on Why do people think their aquariums are gold? within the Freshwater Tank Equipment forums, part of the Freshwater Aquarium Fish Forum category; Looking over ads for used tanks on CL.

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