whats wrong with my thermoelectric boiler

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Why is my water heater making cooler water in the morning - water, heater - Deals.Woot what is deals.woot?when i wake up in the morning to shower, my water heater gives me water that is luke warm to warm temperature, then after my chilly shower, i eat breakfast.

Thermo-Electric Generators.Thermo-Electric Generators. . Thermo-electric generators convert heat directly into electricity, using the voltage generated at the junction of two different metals. This sounds like an excellent way to generate electric power; there are no moving parts, no working fluids, and very little to go wrong. Unfortunately the process is inefficent, and is not going to displace steam turbines. The output is DC, which is not helpful if you want to use a transformer to change the voltage.

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    • Boilers that generate electricity could power homes more efficiently than grid | Environment | guardian.co.uk Tuesday 2 March 2010 12.10 GMTThe flue of a traditional gas boiler which produces heat only. Photograph: David Levene boilers that can simultaneously generate electricity and heat will be unveiled in the UK today, providing a lower-carbon option to power homes. (micro CHP) units look like ordinary wall-hung gas boilers, but as well as generating heat for radiators and water, they produce electricity as a byproduct. in the fuel converted into useful heat. But conventional electricity generation is highly inefficient, with as little as 35% of the energy in the fuel burned in the power plant becoming electricity in the home.

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    • I have a gas powered electric hot water heater with an electric push button start. Ever so often (more recently now even) the pilot has extinquished. I have to place the dial setting back to the pilot light position, and press the started button each morning to get it lit again, and then turn the dial to the desired heat setting. It usually starts right back up. Theres not any air travel or wind to blow this out as well. This will be a small probe that sits directly in the pilot flame when it is burning with a copper line running out to your reset box. These do wear out, and if it is not working properly, will shut off the gas to the pilot. It is a fairly cheap and not to difficult fix. My answers are my opinion, period. I am no expert, never claimed to be, I just use my 52 years on this planet to offer advice and opinions, that's all. Take it or leave it, love it or hate it, use it or ignore it, it is up to you!! Most of all, have fun, life is too short to worry too much about anything.


    • When I replaced my water heater, the installer was telling me how cool the Bradford White unit I got was because the electronics are powered by the same heat used to heat the water in the tank. I thought it was a cool idea, but didn't give it much more thought after that, until now. about how MIT is researching the use of body heat to power electronics. I think it's pretty fascinating and would like to play with the concepts, if possible. I assume that if MIT is currently working on it, then it's way past the ability of my pea brain to put something together, but hopefully someone here can prove me wrong. :)EDIT -- I should have thought of Peltiers immediately, but it just occurred to me.

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    P & P: 0.00Total: 0.00 Loading banners...27.80 (27%)0.95 (19%) day(s).27mm clip on gas regulator for propane. Outlet pressure 37 mbar.

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    Sounds like a really good idea to me.  Thanks for bringing it up.  I have some components on hand and might give it a try this winter.

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    . Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi (Picture "La Repubblica"). A (yellow) dosimetric pump of the type "LMI P18" can be seen in the foreground (maximum flow: 12.1 l/h)Planned book of a John Michell: Rossi's eCcat - Free Energy, Free Money, Free People.

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    A household is said to be in fuel poverty if it needs to spend more than 10% of its income on fuel to maintain a satisfactory heating regime (usually 21 degrees for the main living area, and 18 degrees for other occupied rooms).

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    Alternative energy advice from Ask Jeff Yago. Volume #23 By Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM My cabin in Utah is almost complete. Solar equipment is on the way.

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    EAI Club is the largest online community for renewables in India.Join Now,You get daily news, views, reports, etc. Latest updates on India Renewable Energy.

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    Javascript is currently not supported or disabled by this browser. Please enable Javascript for full functionality. Image credit: Nature, doi:10.1038/nature09996.

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