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Leadership Excellence operates the Bridge, which combines outreach, case management, employment, and recreation services to reduce drop-out rates at McClymonds High School and decrease violence in West Oakland. It outreaches to 300 high-risk youth and provides case management to 40 truant and probation youth who will also receive mentorship while participating in sports activities.  Saleem Shakir, 510-267-9770, The City-County Neighborhood Initiative , a program run by the City of Oakland Division of Neighborhood Services operates in two neighborhoods, in the Hoover Corridor in West Oakland and Sobrante Park in East Oakland. The community builders work closely with teams of service agencies including the Service Delivery System (SDS) Teams, Neighborhood Services Coordinators, County agencies, schools, and local non-profit agencies.   In the neighborhoods currently participating in the initiative, youth have become a key focus for neighborhood organizing.

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    • . Cathryn L. BoothJean F. KellySusan J. SpiekerTracy G. ZuckermanAttachment relationships of toddlers (N = 45) to their child-care providers were investigated. Children's behaviors with their mothers were observed at home at 24 months and with their child-care providers at 26 months. Attachment Q-Sort procedures were used at home (90 items) and in child care (78 items); the latter yielded a 15-item Safe and Secure Scale describing the safe haven and secure base functions of attachment relationships in child care—being able to (a) seek and receive positive attention, (b) feel safe and protected, (c) receive support for exploration, (d) receive consolation when distressed, and (e) seek and accept assistance.

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    • . - Early Childhood Research Quarterly - Children's emotional expression in child care centers varying in qualityMore options...Your selection(s) could not be saved due to an internal error. Please try again.Article outline is loading...Linda L. HestenesReceived 13 April 1992. Revised 13 November 1992. Accepted 26 February 1993. Available online 22 November 2005.This study examined the relationships between day care quality, children's emotional expression, and temperament among 60 children ages 3 to 5. Multiple regression analysis revealed that higher quality settings were associated with significantly more positive affect. It was found that the appropriateness of the caregiving, not the appropriateness of activities in the child care center, significantly predicted the proportion of positive affect. Children with teachers who displayed more instances of low-level engagement showed more intense negative affect, whereas children with teachers who showed more instances of high-level engagement displayed more intense positive affect.


    • . APA PsycNET Our Apologies! - The following features are not available with your current Browser configuration. - display, print, save, export, and email selected records - get My List count - save record to My List - get references associated with a record - page navigation - memorize search form information - display database popup information - adjust limits on search form Child care history and kindergarten adjustment. Bates, John E.; Marvinney, Denny; Kelly, Timothy; Dodge, Kenneth A.; Bennett, David S.; Pettit, Gregory S. Developmental Psychology, Vol 30(5), Sep 1994, 690-700. doi: Parents gave histories of 589 children just before kindergarten.

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    Abidin, R. (1995). Parenting Stress Index, Third Edition: Professional manual. Odessa, FL: Psychological Assessment Resources. Ainsworth, M.

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    JSTOR: Child Development, Vol. 63, No. 4 (Aug., 1992), pp. 859-866You are not currently logged in through a participating institution or individual account.

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    Dr. Janice M Vaughn BodySculptMD Dr. Janice VaughnDr. Janice Vaughn Dr. Janice Vaughn has practiced medicine as a board certified anesthesiologist for 28 years.

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    Nebraska Preschools and Day Care Center Directory (23 - Ev) | NE| West Pt. Ft. Calhoun Clay Ctr. West Pt., Inc.

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    . Please type at least the first 4 letters of the school name. Graduates in 2009/2010 academic year. California State U.-East Bay Copper Mountain Comm.

  • craigs list baton rouge la - Early Childhood Research Quarterly - The changing experience of child care: Changes in teachers and in teacher-child relationships and children's social competence with peersMore options...Your selection(s) could not be saved due to an internal error.

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    Yasmeen Vaughan (left) with Aaliyah Hodge (right) and Hodge’s mom (center) at Mills College Commencement 2003. (Courtesy of Aaliyah Hodge)Yasmeen Vaughan, a Mills College alumna known for her ever-present smile and the yellow and purple African lilies in her hair, was identified by Oakland police on Jan.

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    St. John's Well Child and Family Center budget includes two proposals that could decimate state child care in California. In addition to a plan to discard almost all of the State Department of Education's , which includes child care resources for parents returning to work or school.

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    Judy A. UngererThis paper will present initial research outcomes from the child care component of the Sydney Family Development Project, a longitudinal study of emotional development in infancy and early childhood.

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