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After much scrimping and saving, I'm looking to purchase a rifle for USPSA Manually Operated Rifle and field rifle competition (ITRC and such.) I kinda blew my budget on the optics, so I can afford right around $1000 for the rifle itself.

. Tactical-Life.com » Tikka T3 Tactical .308Tikka T3 Tactical .308Posted by Leroy Thompson. Finnish rifles have a well-deserved reputation for quality, durability and accuracy. Although many were originally developed for Finnish hunters, the reliance of the Finnish defense forces on individual marksmen has spurred development of tactical versions of rifles as well. The Tikka T3 Tactical is a special favorite of mine among precision marksman’s rifles from Finland since it combines toughness and accuracy with lightness.

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    • Encyclopedia of ...Automotive Manufacturing & ... by David M. Fortier, Emily K. Fortier When it comes to sporting rifles, one of the best-kept secrets is a Woodpecker from Finland. While everyone has heard of Sako and rightly so, few are aware of the fine line of rifles marketed by Sako under the Tikka banner. Recently I had a chance to test a Tikka M595, Continental Varmint rifle in .223. I came away quite impressed by its handsome good looks and slick action, as well as its superb accuracy. The more I handled and shot the Tikka, the more I liked almost everything about it. It's an impressive rifle, yet the name is one few recognize here in the U.S. Since so little is known about this line of rifles I decided to do a little digging.

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    • Surveying the state of the modern sniper rifle. Internal magazine or detachable? The Corps says internal; the FBI says detachable.In 1966 and 1969 the late Carlos Hathcock methodically offered NVA, VC and other combatants on the opposing side the opportunity for early retirement in the forests, rice paddies and hamlets of Vietnam. His tally was accounted for using a Winchester M70, but the newly adopted standard for the Marine Corps by 1969 was the M40.It is/was a Remington 700 that had a match barrel installed and was lovingly bedded into a wood stock, tuned, built and tested by Marine Corps armorers. It fired a 7.62 NATO round from a 22-inch barrel and used a Unertl 10X scope.Beginning in the early 1970s the Corps updated the system to the M40A1 with a 24-inch barrel and a few other refinements. As each M40 rifle was rotated back for service, it was stripped and rebuilt as an M40A1.


    • Tikka T3 Tactical Rifle On Sale - EuroOptic.com Please Wait... Specially developed for heavy duty use by law enforcement agencies and tactical competition shooters, the Tikka T3 Tactical is in a class of it's own. The free-floating barrel is made of match-grade Cr-Mo steel, and manufactured using a precision cold-hammer forging process by Sako craftsmen. The action and the barrel surfaces are Manganese-phosphatized for lasting protection against the elements and wear. The Tikka T3 Tactical barrel features protected muzzle threading, providing attachment for optional Sako muzzle brake or suppressor assembly. The modern bolt has two front locking lugs and a spring-loaded reliable operation.

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    WINCHESTER 94  ALBERTA DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY  CARBINE   This rifle is unfired and the package has been kept in the cardboard shipping box, so sleeve also is pristine.

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    The Tikka T3 Hunter is for the shooter looking to achieve top performance through innovation, while at the same time preferring classic styling and feel.

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    to learn how)! It also keeps offensive content off our site.Dr. RalphShooting Clays: Field Stocks vs. Target Stocks Enter your email address to get our new post everyday.

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    .308 Win « Daily Bulletin6.5-284 Info Page TV show recently featured the “Mad Minute”, a high-speed drill requiring shooters to place as many hits as possible on a steel plate set at 200 yards.

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    HKI USP45 Variant One .45 ACP 4.41 Inch Barrel Black Finish 12 Round .45 ACP.45 ACPHKI USP40 Variant One .40 Smith & Wesson 4.25 Inch Barrel Black Finish 13 Round .40 S&W.40 S&WBER Tikka T3 Lite .223 Remington 22.4375 Inch Barrel Blue Finish Black Synthetic Stock Light weight and fast handling.

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    Throughout military history, designers of small arms have pursued the perfect 50 cal sniper rifle. From anti-personnel to anti-material ammunition, the 50 caliber can play many roles.

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    (i.e. 700 ADL, Pre-64 Model 70,12 BTCSS, etc.)(i.e. 12 ga., .270 Win., .300 Rem Ultra Mag, .223 WSSM)(i.e H-S Precision PST025 Adjustable) Amount in Cart: $0.00 2 Pc.

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    Magazines have come a long way since Christopher Spencer designed the fist removable magazine fed rifle in 1860. That rifle was a lever action that utilized a 7 round tubular magazine and saw use in the U.S.

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    in a wider variety and with all the options. Read the full review that the boys from shootereview.com put together and learn some more !! thanks for the vids fellas - and a very good review.

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