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Decided to go at the last minute; had a wonderful meal with spouse and a good friend visiting from Alberta.

Welcome to our Web site. Our Address.Email: info@blacktrumpet.caView map.Click here to manage your Web site.. . 10a.m - 1p.m. $19.99 per person 2p.m. - 6p.m. $39.99 Per Person Join us for our outstanding early bird dinner with all new selection for 2012. Served Monday through Friday 3:00 until 6:30 Just a stones throw from the beach in beautiful Spring Lake, a town famous for its casual elegance, you are welcomed to experience Black Trumpet. The signature restaurant of the lovely Grand Victorian Hotel, Black Trumpet will not disappoint your desire for a casual yet elegant dining experience.

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    • . I popped into London for an overnight trip last night (London Ontario that is), and I managed to meet up with some friends for a late dinner. My friend TT was flying in from L.A. and he finds French food in Canada to be exotic, so I did some research to find a nice place that he would enjoy. Unfortunately, it seemed that most restaurants closed early on Wednesday nights (by 9 pm) and every restaurant I had picked was closed by the time I arrived.Our plan B was to pick a restaurant from the visitor guide that was displayed in our hotel lobby. We decided on because I remembered reading some good things about the place. Despite the positive reviews, I was not overly impressed with the food.For appys, we all shared the seafood sausage .

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    • Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.. » B.C. (including Vancouver)» U.K./Ireland» Minneapolis-St. Paul» Dallas - Ft. Worth» New York State (exc. New York City)» Miami - Ft. Lauderdale» B.C. (including Vancouver)» U.K./IrelandThis Friday night my wife and I will be in London, Ontario. Please recommend a restaurant for dinner. We like all types of food. Thanks.For Greek, I'd recommend Mythic Grill on Albert St. It serves the freshest tasting Greek food in London right now, in my opinion. For good contemporary/continental food in a relaxed yet upscale setting, I'd go to Blackfriar's Cafe on Blackfriars. Last night, I had a very tender turkey schnitzel with herb spaetzle and red cabbage, followed by a huge serving of pear spice cake served with caramel sauce at Blackfriars.For more formal fine dining, I'd recommend Volker's on Hyde Park, or Aroma on Picadilly.


    • » B.C. (including Vancouver)» U.K./Ireland» Minneapolis-St. Paul» Dallas - Ft. Worth» New York State (exc. New York City)» Miami - Ft. Lauderdale» B.C. (including Vancouver)» U.K./IrelandI am looking for the good bad and ugly.Let me know.Well it's been a few months since I've been in London, but from what I remember there are a few good ones. Keep in mind you can't compare London to Toronto, so if I say it's good, keep it in perspective:1) Thuan Kieu - Amazing Vietnamese food, in fact, better than any I've had in Toronto by far. This place is an absolute must if you like Vietnamese food!2)Spageddy Eddy's - Dirt cheap pasta and for around $10 you get a HUGE bowl.

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    St. John'sSt. ThomasIn the kitchen with Black Trumpet Restaurant. Rogers TV<sup>TM</sup> , its associated design logo, and Local Matters<sup>TM</sup> plus related brand names and/or logos are trademarks owned by Rogers Communications Inc.

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    Yelp is using Facebook to personalize your experience. (e.g. taco, cheap dinner, Max's)Cindy I.Review from Cindy I.Cindy I.It was packed the night we went here.

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    By phone no.Casual Fine Dining... Elegant Exotic CourtyardPlease call us for details.Discover effective solutions to advertise online with Yellow Pages advertising.

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    Oops. Before you can move on, please activate your browser cookies. Oops. Before you can move on, please activate JavaScript. . . The ceremony location is often the first and most important decision couples make when getting married.

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    The Ahi Tuna was fantastic, as was the Beef Tenderloin and the Beef Short Rib. The Scallops were the best we've had away from the coast as well. The Beet Salad was standard fare though, and a bit disappointing considering the fantastic nature of everything else, but not the salad it self, just the supposedly baked beets in it that we expected to be more like the description and less like canned.

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    This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. The Black Trumpet is near as good as it gets in London, Ontario.

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    Black Trumpet in London, Ontario | Have you tried our Group Order yet? Now 3 or more could submit a joint order each from the convenience of their own computer.

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    Not sure what to get?  May we suggest Downtown Dollars?  Available in $5, $10 and $20 denominations.. Though Jeanette has visited London many times, the city's offerings were much more meaningful when she visited in search of a 'soulful' experience.

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