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. . 1. About OCT 2. OCT Senior Staff 3. Clinical Research Services 4. Types of Clinical Trials 5. Experience 6.

Frequently Asked Questions. There are almost 3000 Indian students in different Universities of Overseas Country. There is no such dress-code for both Chinese & Russian universities. All the universities we are representing are having English medium education. What about language..? While teaching, your all classes will be conducted in English medium, more over students coming from across globe know basic English language for communication, when you move into market place you need to know their local languages for easy communication, which you learn within few months of stay.

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    • . ACCELL Clinical Research is constantly seeking clinical research professionals to join our team and in the dynamic, fast growing business.Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow); Ukraine; Latvia; Lithuania; Estonia; Georgia; Bulgaria.The Clinical Research Associate monitors activities at clinical study sites to assure adherence to Good Clinical Practice (GCP), SOPs, and study protocols. CRA assists Investigators to solve all study related issues, including communication with the study sponsor concerning clinical questions raised from the investigators. CRA reviews regulatory documents as required and prepares site visit reports. CRA may be involved in translations into the local language, developing study documents for local use, interaction with local regulatory and ethic authorities, performing translation and country-specific adaptation of Informed Consent (IC) forms, organizing and presenting at investigator meetings, working with management on monitoring strategy, and/or developing project-specific CRA training.

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    • Cromos Services | CROMOS s.r.o. Contract Trials Research Organization - Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials - CRO Contract Research Organization © 2012 CROMOS. All Rights Reserved. 40/2 Prechistenka str., building 1, office XXIII. Today, Europe is undergoing rapid changes in the field of Clinical Research. Western European countries like Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have decades of experience and are home to many opinion leaders in Clinical Research. These countries can be extremely important to Sponsor Clinical Program in order to boost acceptance after launch of your new product. On the other hand, South East European countries (SEE) such as Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina are areas with high numbers of treatment naïve patients. These countries have GCP implemented in their laws and regulations and investigators with high quality performance and motivation for participation in Clinical Trials.


    • According to the inputs provided by a Frost & Sullivan expert in Contract Services Magazine, Europe, though emerging markets will continue to rise, all eyes will be on Eastern Europe as it strengthens its claim to be the new Mecca for cost-effective clinical trials. Spurred by the growing volume of clinical work being outsourced to Eastern European CROs, Europe is poised to maintain its current position as the second largest market for CRO services globally. One of the key trends in the European CRO market has been Eastern Europe's emergence as a key hub for handling cost-effective clinical trials, whereas Western Europe faces the subdued state of preclinical-clinical research.

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    . Downloadable documents are supplied in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.Recruitment to DUTY finishes on the 30 th April 2012.You will be able to add new online cases dated up to and including 30 th April for 48 Hours until midnight 2 nd May 2012.You will be able to add data to existing cases for 14 days until midnight 14 th May.After the 14 th May you will only be able to view the summary pages for cases.

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    Latin American undertaking clinical studies in this emerging continent region requires first overcoming natural barriers to be able to succeed.Several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America are among the most prominent new locations for outsourcing clinical trials.

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    . . . . data to be collected for health interventions (e.g., drugs, diagnostics, devices, therapy protocols). These trials can take place only after satisfactory information has been gathered on the quality of the non- approval is granted in the country where the trial is taking place.

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    Natalia Nayanova graduated from First Medical Institute n.a. Pavlov in St. Petersburg, Russia and worked for 3 years as a medical doctor specializing in Psychiatry.

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    . Clinical Study Protocols, Reports and Research Papers for Nutraceut...Shortcode for blogs " . Login to your email and click the link to download the file directly.

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    . During planning and preparation for study startup, the Clinical Operations team works closely together with the sponsor and investigators in preparation and submission of the clinical trial authorisation (CTA) request.Several CTA submission documents, including all subject related documents and local application forms, must be submitted in local language, Icelandic.

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