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Honey,’s a station wagon!I know Pier is pretty excited about his new Sony Ericsson mobile …and I was fine with my K750i, too …until this one morning about two weeks ago.I’ve noticed that my phone was much less stable down here (in Australia).

'Awesome looks and features, great quality, but earbuds suck. A great choice in this price range.' - Sony Ericsson W300i (AT&T) user review and rating - CNET Reviews"Awesome looks and features, great quality, but earbuds suck. A great choice in this price range." Summary: This phone looks and feels so nice, you'll hate yourself the first time you drop it. But once you do, it will sill work (I can attest to this). The design is very sturdy, with a very large hindge, and the battery cover will never fly off.The fish scale key design will throw you off once and a while, so if you're a big texter, don't bother, especially if you have fat fingers.

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    • ENGADGET U.S.. This quad-band EDGE clamshell expands upon the . The W300i ships with a 256MB Memory Stick Micro card and features a 128 x 160 262K color TFT main display with a second 1-inch 101 x 80 display for viewing track info and caller ID when the flip is closed. The W300i features dedicated music keys as you'd expect from a Walkman in addition to a shuffle function, flight-mode, up to 30 hours of music playback per charge, Bluetooth, and RDS FM radio. The W300i measures in at 90 x 47 x 24 mm (3.5 x 1.9 x 0.9-inches) and 94 grams (3.31-ounces) and will be shipping in Shimmering White and Shadow Black starting Q2. Lots more snaps after the break. Comments are currently turned off.

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    • chan_mobile - voip-info.orgAbout Voip-info.org2 numbers, 1 phone. iPhone or AndroidNo contracts. Free 7 day trial*Taxes and other fees may apply. (no longer available). Multiple cell phones can be connected (subject to some limitations - see Notes). Multiple bluetooth adapters can be supported. Asterisk automatically connects to each cell phone when it comes in range. Command to discover bluetooth devices. Useful for configuration. Requires an unused bluetooth adapter. Inbound calls to the cell phones are handled by Asterisk, just like inbound calls on a Zap channel. Caller ID passed through on inbound calls. Dial outbound on a cell phone using Dial(CELL/device/nnnnnnn) in the dialplan. Use a Bluetooth Headset as extension using Dial(CELL/device) in the dialplan. Application CellStatus can be used in the dialplan to see if a cell phone is connected. Supports devicestate for dialplan hinting..


    • I'm looking for a good sony ericsson phone but alot seem to be discontinued. What happened? For the ones that are still available, which one would you recommend? I'm considering the w810. I'm looking for a good quality phone with good music abilities. Are any of these phones internet capable? Answers are already great... Now would you recommend those phones you already talked about or the cingular 3125? A: W810 is a great phone!k750i needs no introduction as it is still one of the best phones in the market.The only thing that k750i lacks is that it cant run Flash menus(.swf) files.W810 can use them in its menus but not otherwise.on the other hand k750i has a protective camera shutter and w810 doesnt,so its bound to get scratched.The display is a little better than k750i but not very significant.If u r a bit comfortable with computer then the bet thing is take a k750i and flash it to w800i(yes it can b converted by installing w800i's firmware)..........then play around with acoustics and all as all these things are driver controlled and can easily be changed.go here for details: or: or the sony ericsson k750i community on orkut.Refer the events section! If ur a net freak then go for w810 as it has got EDGE and k750 does not has it.If ur limited by budget then u can also go for w300.It has edge too but has a poor screen.I ll suggest the best for u is w810!(Good choice!)I have a phone sony ericsson w810i - i did try to transfer music from file manager > song (folder) to walkman > playlist but there is no way i can do tat.

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    I am having trouble setting mp3 files as my ringtune. Any midi files on the phone will work but no mp3 files, including the ones that came with the phone will work.

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    Please enter your email address.Please enter a valid email address.Please check your inbox for a confirmation email.An error occured, please try again later.T-Mobile will be releasing this specially-branded Robbie Williams Sony Ericcson W300i in June over in the United Kingdom—sorry, Americans, you shouldn't like Robbie William's music anyway.

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