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SolidWorks student products may only be used by students and educators on their own computers. Intended uses include completing homework assignments, student design projects, preparing course materials, learning more about SolidWorks, and other educational purposes. This SolidWorks SDK offer provides a limited (non-renewable/non-extendable) license. After installation, the product will run for the stated period of time as specified in your download offer.

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    • IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY: The terms and conditions that follow set forth a legal agreement (“Agreement”) between you (a currently enrolled student at an accredited educational institution or a faculty member of such an institution) and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation, a Delaware corporation with its principal place of business at 175 Wyman Street, Waltham, MA 02451 USA (“DS SolidWorks”). This Agreement relates to the SolidWorks® computer software and certain other related software modules, if applicable (collectively, the “Software”). The term “Software” includes and these terms and conditions also apply to software from third parties such as the Adobe® PDF library that is incorporated into DS SolidWorks software.

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    • about M.E.partnering/giving to M.E. MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) free Microsoft software for Mech. Engr.  students.  Login with your Cal Poly email address.  If you have lost your password follow the lost password link. and select Technology, Software Download Channel. There you will find free Anti-Virus software and Spyware software:  One to Two year licenses to create virtual computers, etc. Login with your Cal Poly email address.  If you have lost your password follow the lost password link.Matlab/EES/Abaqus: We have set up servers for Remote Access for: Matlab/EES, and a second for Abaqus so you can use these programs from home 24/7. . Students can to go to the to purchase Matlab for their computers.. If you are interested contact Larry Coolidge to order.© 2009-2011 Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. Site design: . Beim SDK handelt es sich um eine vollständig funktionsfähige Version der 3D-CAD-Software von SolidWorks, die die Schüler/Studierenden privat nutzen können.


    • . Our partners SolidWorks and Denford, suppliers of QuickCAM 3D, have kindly given us copies of their fantastic software to give to schools who participate in the challenge.If you are interested in applying for a pack then please click on the linkat the bottom of this page to complete the contactus us form requesting software and we will get back to you by email if your application is successful. to download an F1 in Schools tutorial document.  to download the zip file referred to on page 3 of the tutorial document. When you register to the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge you are entitled to free copies of the following software: a copy of Solid Works Student Design Kit and a copy of Solid Works Student Edition - Computer Aided Design software. The QuickCAM -Computer Aided Manufacturing software which is sent seperately by Denford Ltd.  Solid Works  is powerful 3D CAD software that allows teams to design cars.

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    Go to and select Education The SolidWorks Education Edition 2009-2010 brings the latest in 3D software, Simulation Analysis software, and complete courseware for the modern design-engineering curriculum.

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    we undersell and overdeliver, every time . . . . SOLIDWORKS 2011/2012 Instructor Guide                Price: $100.00  This instructor guide is a companion resource and supplement for the SolidWorks (embedded) Tutorials.

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    The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a one-stop online resource for all students that are participating in our Education Programmes. Each participating student will receive their own unique login account to access online learning resources, download SolidWorks tutorial files, and participate in online assessments.

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    day) on their personal computers.The .pdf file below has the information you will need to download all of the software used in the drafting courses to your own computer at home.

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    Need Help! How to down load SW Student Design Kit? - Largest Machinist Community on the net! Welcome to the Largest Machinist Community on the net! forums.

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    Better Textbooks. Lower Prices. directly for an answer. If you are an instructor and would like to use our books in your class please have your bookstore contact us to place an order.

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    Follow these directions to install SolidWorks 2010. The 971 team uses SolidWorks to design our robots. It is a high end commercial Computer Aided Design (CAD) package that is provided to FRC teams at no charge.

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    Yes I'm a newbie and want to absorb lots of info. I do need help tho. I have a sldprt file I need help turning into an IGES file.

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    I've been using Autodesk Inventor ever since version 1 and have recently been questioning my lack of Solidworks knowledge. I wanted to give it a spin and see what I've been missing.

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