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Is the Bible a sole rule of faith (sola scriptura)? | Bibleinfo.comFree Bible promises for your daily encouragement via email, Twitter and RSS.Get acquainted with your Bible and find answers for life's issues and challenges.About Bibleinfo.comSupport Bibleinfo.comA basic disagreement exists between the Catholic and Protestant groups over the interpretation of Scripture.

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    • "Justification by faith" redirects here. For other uses, see , alone. All humanity, it is asserted, is and curse. But God, on the basis of the life, death, and , which is received solely through faith. Faith is seen as passive, merely receiving Christ and all his benefits, among which benefits are the active and passive righteousness of Jesus Christ. Christ's righteousness, according to the followers of "sola fide", is ), so that the divine verdict and pardon of the believing sinner is based not upon anything in the sinner, nor even faith itself, but upon Jesus Christ and his righteousness alone, which are received through faith alone. of salvation. See the Protestant for more detail on the doctrine of salvation considered more broadly than justification by faith alone.) has held to sola-fide justification in opposition to Roman Catholicism especially, but also in opposition to significant aspects of Eastern Orthodoxy.

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    • Portrait of Martin Luther.. It has been defined as "any of several church". . The doctrines of the over 33,000 Protestant denominations for "by scripture alone".) churches of Germany and Scandinavia. . In addition, . The became independent of papal authority and influenced by some Reformation principles. There were also reformation movements throughout continental Europe known as the movements.. However, it is certain that both languages derived their word from the The term Protestant was not initially applied to the Reformers, but later was used to describe all groups protesting Roman Catholic orthodoxy. Since that time, the term Protestant has been used in many different senses, often as a general term merely to signify Churches.. Popular history holds that these were nailed to a church door in the university town of for discussion). Luther's propositions challenged some portions of Roman Catholic doctrine and a number of specific practices..


    • (Ventura, CA) - A new study of how American adults view themselves finds those associated with the Christian faith are more likely than others to claim traditional values and to be concerned about the nation's moral condition; atheists, agnostics and people associated with non-Christian faiths are most likely to be politically liberal and least likely to say they are happy; and evangelicals are the most conservative, most satisfied, most spiritually inclined and least stressed out of all U.S. adults. These are some of the key findings from a new report from the Barna Research Group, of Ventura, California, based on interviews with more than 3000 randomly sampled adults throughout the country.In the research, Barna divided adults into five distinct faith segments - or "faith flavors" - to explore the relationship between faith views and self-descriptions.

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    Dr. Greg PopcakWell, to be fair, that’s not exactly what the researchers said.  But it would be easy to draw those conclusions from a casual reading of two recent reports.“Analytic Thinking Can Decrease Religious Belief.”   (Although, considering the methodology, which appears to have involved having people do a questionaire measuring religious belief, do some mental activities like filling out additional questionaires intentionally printed in hard-to-read fonts [to engage analytic reasoning skills], and then retesting their belief levels, I’m not really sure what this study actually shows).

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    Peter Piot, head of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), recently stated that the new face of AIDS is an African woman, given that three-quarters of all young Africans living with HIV are female.

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    . How to...St. Margaret Mary Alacoqueby Steven D. Greydanus A publication of Bayard, Inc. Catholic | Catholic Digest connects with readers through personal stories of triumphs and struggles, joys and challenges, and also the lighter side of Catholic living.

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    Here is a list of some organizations working on water and sanitation (WatSan) issues in multiple countries around the world. Thank you to the multitude of other WatSan NGOs working on-the-ground in specific countries.

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    Over the last 30 years there has been a wealth of new material published. This has provided churches with a considerable amount of choice when it comes to both style and content.

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    Examination of the terms "world religion" and "new religious movement" to demonstrate that the Bahá'í Faith is best categorized as a "world religion." Abstract: This article will explore some of the issues involved in the sociological analysis of the status of the Bahá'í Faith.

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    Constructing Race in the U.S.A race is a human population that is believed to be distinct in some way from other humans based on real or imagined physical differences.

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    The 10/40 Window is the rectangular area of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia between 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north latitude.

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    . Glenn R. KantorLisa S. KantorAlan E. KassanJ. David OswaltElizabeth K. GreenPeter S. Sessions1. What are Long Term Disability Benefits?Simply put, Long Term Disability ("LTD") benefits are provided to an individual to replace lost income in the event of an injury or sickness resulting in an inability to work.

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