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Online community and social media expert. Broad understanding of Internet business based on more than 10 years' experience in online community, product development, user experience/interaction design, and content strategy.

Start exploring online community here. I am always collecting useful online community/social media/social networking sites, articles, resources, and experts, and I hope others find them useful. I will be updating this list regularly. If you have ideas or suggestions for this page, please let me know at shara.karasic[at] Hub project (in conjunction with Global Voices)Absolutely Tools Collection - create a bulletin about your site or a particular piece of Web content and get others to take action such as voting, rating, etc.40 social networking sites: Web 2.0 Directory - Dec.

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    • Join LinkedIn and access Shara Karasic’s full profile. As a LinkedIn member, you'll join 150 million other professionals who are sharing connections, ideas, and opportunities. And it's free! You'll also be able to: Social done right from a holistic perspective across web and mobile. Currently at, a mobile app discovery service for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Web and mobile user experience (UX), interaction design, product management and product development. My community/social media/product management experience has spanned multiple industries: education, business/entrepreneur, non-profit, mobile, giving me a nuanced view of what will engage users.

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    • Former Google engineer Gil Elbaz is running Factual, a startup that aims to provide companies with large amounts of data they can use to make better business decisions.Kommentar hinzufügen...Quora gets $50 million. Q: Why? A: Because it can... »Quora, a Q&A service has raised a whopping $50 million in funding from co-founder Adam D'Angelo along with Facebook funder Peter Thiel, Northbridge Ventures and Matrix Ventures. One of the m...Kommentar hinzufügen...We need our forests.Join us on Facebook Are you worried about climate change? What if we could actually do something really effective right now to halt it? Watch this how to video and share it with people you care about. WeForest Video - Narrated by Stephen FryKommentar hinzufügen...Video I used to believe that creativity, like the hair color on your head, was something you either had or you didn't.


    • Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business - Business Guides & Articles - Business.comBy Shara Karasic, Community Manager, Community Manager, Last year social networking site Facebook saw explosive growth in the number of unique visitors to the site making it an online force to contend with. For small business owners, the platform is increasingly becoming the go-to destination to create a social media presence, and to create brand presence. promote your business or learn about your customers. Creating a Facebook for your business allows you to:. Here's how to create your own Facebook fan page:Make sure you've become a member of Facebook.

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