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I can't find anything using windows 7. How can I search using the old option of find "A word or phrase in the file" when i do not know the file name, type or location like one could do in XP and all previous versions?I was back tonight, saw your post and tried a search in my .xlsx and .xls files.  They results were not as I suspected.  But is does work now.I had left the "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties" unchecked.  This meant that my old index was being searched but new files or edits were not included.  When I finally went to the properties and allowed indexing for the disk I was able to search both .xls and .xlsx files for text both inside cells and inside text boxes.  I have edited my last post to include this observation.

95.7 95.4 95.4 95.2 95.0 Updated 7. April 2012 - 12:42 by There are a number of programs available for word searching in PDF files, some large and expensive commercial solutions, and some freeware. I have tried just about all of them, as I have a large collection of PDF files which I often want to search through.Two that will do the job are Copernic Desktop Search, and Search Inform (Using Search Inform, only if the appropriate Adobe filter, which is free, is also installed).Unfortunately, both of these programs rely on indexing files before they are usable, tie up resources, and slow down the machine.

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    • . Please help . Unsourced material may be . (January 2007) In linguistics, a filler is a sound or word that is spoken in conversation by one participant to signal to others that he/she has paused to think but is not yet finished speaking. , such as thingamajig , which refer to objects or people whose names are temporarily forgotten, irrelevant, or unknown. Different languages have different characteristic filler sounds; in English, the most common filler sounds are uh . Among youths, the fillers "like", "y'know", "actually", "literally", and "basically" are more prevalent. [ constructions., ah , em , and eh are common fillers. wallāh(i) ("by God") are common fillers. , UM can be signed with open-8 held at chin, palm in, eyebrows down (similar to FAVORITE); or bilateral symmetric bent-V, palm out, repeated axial rotation of wrist (similar to QUOTE)., mane ("it means") is a common filler., doncs ("so"), llavors ("therefore"), and o sigui ("it means") are common fillers.

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    • . The phrase is especially used in the U.S. military, and is less common outside of the . In the , for instance, the expression "round file" or "circular file" is more common (in reference to trash cans typically being round). Expressions such as "I'll place that memo in file 13" are often heard in offices as a joking way of saying, "I'm going to throw away that memo."Army Regulation 635-200 (Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations) Chapter 13 covers Separation for Unsatisfactory Performance. When a Soldier is removed from the military under this chapter and the paperwork is filed the slang term "File 13" refers to the action of filing the paperwork. Later, this term was adopted as a way to describe getting rid of a bad person or action. To File 13 paperwork was to get rid of it. . Please help . Unsourced material may be . (September 2011) The first known citation of "File 13" was in 1941.


    • How to Find a File on a Mac | eHow.comMac OS 8.5 or later includes Sherlock, a vast improvement over the older Find File command, but you can launch it the same way. Mac OS 9.0Click on the Apple menu and select Sherlock. Or, from the Finder, press the keys Command-F.Choose your search criteria. You can search by one or more attributes of the file (name, size, type, date modified, creator and so forth).Choose a location to search. You can search locally or on a network.To search the actual contents of a file for specific phrases, click on the Find by Content tab, then specify the phrase and a location in which to search. If the Find button is dimmed, click Index Volumes (indexing may take a while).Search the Internet by keyword by selecting the Search Internet tab.Click Find to run the search.When you search by name, the search finds all filenames that include the phrase you typed.

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    SearchQuerySet API — Haystack 2.0.0-beta documentationHaystack 2.0.0-beta documentation class is designed to make performing a search and iterating over its results easy and consistent.

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    Download EasyFind for Mac - File, folder, and text contents search tool. MacUpdate.comNow say why...File, folder, and text contents search tool.

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    , May 9, 2005). For background information on what materials are released, timing, and confidential treatment, see Press Release No. 2004-89 Announcements dated December 1, 2011.

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    One of Windows XP's allegedly useful features is the file indexing service. This extracts information from documents and other files on your hard drive and creates a "searchable keyword index", which is used to make searching for files more efficient.

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    We were recently awarded a grant to study the views of CFO's regarding the costs and benefits of Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404.  Part of the grant was to fund a survey of 2,500 CFOs of publicly traded companies.  We needed to first identify those companies it was appropriate to survey.  Section 404 has/had a phased in effective period, so our survey was only appropriate for what the SEC called Accelerated Filers.  Then we needed to identify the CFO by name to increase our response rate.  A complete description of the search process is available here: cfosearch.htmAnother study we are working on involved identifying the reason for the auditor change at all banks with available data on Compustat.  Because of very specific data requirements we needed to review each report of an auditor change and code the disclosure based on the nature of the change (dismissal versus resignation), the existence of reportable events, whether a press release was made about the event and identify all confounding events reported with the auditor change.  Here is an outline of the steps we followed to find the filings for our study BANKAUCHNG.htmA common search problem is when the search terms are associated with text that is essentially boilerplate.  For example, every Accelerated Filer should make a filing at least once each quarter that uses the phrase Material Weakness since this phrase is often reported in the CEO/CFO certifications required by Sarbanes-Oxley.  A researcher trying to identify all companies that reported a material weakness cannot  simply design a search that excludes all documents where both the phrase Material Weakness and the term Certification are found .

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    EagleFiler 1.5.10 Manual: 5.2.11 Open Library…5.2.11 Open Library… file, letting you view the library in EagleFiler. (if you’ve selected that option). To skip these operations, hold down the Shift key when opening the library.If you hold down the Command and Option keys when opening a library, EagleFiler will show the Rebuild Indexes dialog.

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    French leave: Definition from n. An informal, unannounced, or abrupt departure.[From the 18th-century French custom of leaving without saying goodbye to the host or hostess.]Wikipedia on article is about the phrase "French leave".

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    How to use the Windows find files feature.How to use the Windows find files feature. and then click Find or Search (varies depending on version of windows).

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    The Political Organization Disclosure site allows wild card searches. To conduct a wild card search, use an asterisk (*) to truncate a word or phrase to the portion you require in your results.

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