protecting knees while running

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Jogging is a well known activity that can have hazardous effects on the knee while running on pavement. A tremendous amount of strain is placed on the knee when running on a hard surface, like asphalt or pavement.

You need to protect your knee while running outdoors or on a treadmill. We all know that running has great health benefits: it burns off calories, improves your cardiovascular system and keeps your body nicely toned. However, due to the high impact nature of running, it would be wise to minimize the risk of knee injuries. Your knees are the biggest and most complex joints in your body and support your entire weight. When you run on the treadmill, you greatly increase the forces that your knees have to deal with.

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    • How to Protect Knees While Running | eHow.comRunning has tremendous health benefits for the human body. It strengthens the heart and lungs, improves circulation, and keeps the leg muscles strong and toned. However, for all of its health benefits, running has one major drawback: it's tough on the knees! Fortunately, you can greatly reduce the pounding effect that running places on your knees. Wear high quality shoes. As a runner, it is wise to think of your running shoes as an important investment. Running is a tough exercise, and it places a tremendous amount of strain on your body, most notably your knees. Wearing a high quality pair of running shoes in the correct size goes a long way towards making you a more comfortable and capable runner, as well as lessening the impact and shock placed on your knees with each step.

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    • Women are the weaker-kneed sex - really! Ease the pain with these tips. Years of stooping, kneeling, and running around really takes a toll on your knees, and women have it especially bad: Studies show we're up to six times more likely than men to suffer from knee injuries like ACL tears. Got an achy, creaky, or weak knee? We'll help you find the cause — plus, we've got ways to fix your bad knees for good.Your knees pop, grind, and ache while climbing stairs or after prolonged sitting. The cause: Though it's commonly called "runner's knee," patellofemoral syndrome afflicts even couch potatoes. The creaking you feel is a result of a misaligned kneecap grating over the lower end of your thighbone. Women are particularly susceptible to this syndrome because our naturally wide pelvises cause our thighs to slant inward, creating a wider quadriceps, or Q, angle than men have.


    • I Have Painful Knees After Running Wha... - seek4fitness.net2 proven methods to lower diabet...Listed below are 2 proved methods that assist individuals to lower diabetes risk Did you know ...Be party smart - simple rules to...With the abundance of parties this time of year - from the holidays to Mardi Gras - it can be eas...Is Walking an Effective Weight L...We hear about the need for exercise constantly. Everyone knows they need to do it. Especially wit...When you think about it, running is still a high impact activity where extreme pressure and strain are placed on the knee joints and the ligaments that help support the knee.

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    knee pain while running | Give Up Running Shoes? Not So Fast. | Rodale News Give Up Running Shoes? Not So Fast. A new study suggests that you may experience greater knee pain while running in shoes than without them.

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    It's early January - you're probably looking to work off some of your Christmas kilos and shed that festive spare tyre. For millions of people around the world, that means making a New Year's resolution, buying a new pair of runners and hitting the road for a jog.

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    How To Protect Knees In Parkour | LIVESTRONG.COMLIVESTRONG.COM The limitless potential of youParkour involves movements that allow you to get around, over or beneath obstacles in your path.

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    Pain around and sometimes behind the knee cap while running.The knee is essentially made up of four bones. The femur, which is the large bone in your thigh, attaches by ligaments and a capsule to your tibia.

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    How to Protect and Strengthen Your Knees - Yahoo! Voices - to search.Feb 12, 2008 "Share your voice on Yahoo! websites.

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