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comes to mind, which was both hugely popular overseas and quite powerful as a Pocket PC and a phone. Now the i-mate JAM (code named HTC Magician, and sold by T-Mobile Germany as the MDA Compact and by o2 as the XDA II mini) has taken every market by storm except the US where no carrier offers it. Fortunately, the device is offered by a few importers in the US, and we received ours from David Weiniger's playfully named online store, a reasonable and reputable importer.

  1. BlackBerry

    • Review Much as I like i-mate's Jasjar - aka HTC's Universal - its size makes it less practical for me as a phone rather than a PDA. I'm clearly not the only one who favours a smart-phone device that operates like a PDA but is small enough to hold up to my ear and use like any other handset.HTC's Magician, released earlier this year in a variety of guises but reviewed here in its Orange SPV M500 form was just such a unit. Unlike the Universal and some of HTC's other, larger devices, the M500 doesn't have a keyboard, vital these days for mobile email.Well, now it does. HTC's Wizard - offered again by a number of companies, including i-mate, which calls it the K-Jam - is a tablet-style PDA in a phone form-factor, just like the M500.

    Google Android

    • The One X is the new flagship Android smartphone from HTC and AT&T. It has a large display, runs the...Brighthand brings you our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S III, which was just presented at a spec...Android OS 4.0 Headed for Two HTC SmartphonesT-Mobile just announced that customers who own the HTC Amaze 4G or the HTC Sensation may start upgra...Two HTC Smartphones Held by U.S. Customs Because of Patent Infringement LawsuitBoth the HTC One X and the HTC Evo 4G LTE are delayed from being imported into the U.S. due to HTC p... It's that time of year again, when wallets open and traffic increases to meet the needs for the next few months of work and holidays. Here at BargainPDA, we want to help you get on the ball in terms of PDAs and other mobile technology that may suit your needs. So in this guide, we will not only talk about what is out there; but how you can get the most out of what devices that you choose.


    • P.D.A Vs comp Buying or upgrading a: Personal Digital Assistant - P.D.A., Smart phone, Hand held computer or Mobile computing device? This page presents latest trends, some specific models and links to reviews, to help in your buying decision. This page also contains my perspectives on whether any, all or a combination of these devices will make you more productive. The issue of using paper (day planner) vs. electronic or combinations is presented in depth. A date stamp is provided on my postings in Current developments-latest at the top. Earlier postings on the page present in-depth overviews of this sector of time management.

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    Amazon.com: HP iPAQ H6315 PDA Pocket PC Phone Edition H6300 6315: Everything ElseYour Amazon.com Hello. 3.2 out of 5 starswww.dooyoo.de/Organizer/ PDA Über 2.900 PDAs Preise vergleichen und sparen! pdas .dealecke.de/www.repair hppda .com/ ipaq 3.6 out of 5 stars HP iPAQ 910 Business Messenger Unlocked Phone with U.S.

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    This short, instructional video seeks to demonstrate how go about unlocking your own 2003-2005 model Infiniti G35 coupe with a Sprint PPC-6700 PC phone through use of the phones in-built IR, or infrared, capabilities and a provided code.

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    A small, handheld system combining in one device multiple computing, Internet, networking, and fax/telephone features. A typical PDA can work as a personal organizer, a cell phone, and, in some cases, an Internet browser.

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    . Please help . Unsourced material may be . (January 2011) . Palm devices have evolved from handhelds to . This page describes the range of Palm devices, from the first generation of Palm machines known as the Pilot through to the latest models currently produced by line of consumer smartphones.

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    The thoughts of a guy initialed pda reviews.To make things clear, a rectified PDA. In this article we'll cover the 6818 hp ipaq pda phone can receive email.

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    I have paired my phone with my PDA and I want to transfer phone numbers and my calendar. I CAN transfer pictures and rings but I can't figure out how to do numbers and calender.

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    Cell phones have evolved immensely since 1983, both in design and function.From the Motorola DynaTAC, that power symbol that Michael Douglas wielded so forcefully in the movie “Wall Street”, to the iPhone 3G, which can take a picture, play a video, or run one of the thousands applications available from the Apple Store.There are thousands of models of cell phones that have hit the streets between 1983 and now.We’ve picked a few of the more popular and unusual ones to take you through the history of this device that most of us consider a part of our everyday lives.We have tried, wherever possible, to include the most popular phones and the phones that were “firsts” for a particular feature, but may have missed out on your favorite phones due to the sheer number of models that are out there.We invite you to post your faves in the comments section if they are not listed here.Mobile phones are just now beginning to be as vital to North Americans as they have been to Asians.

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    This service works for AT&T, Blackberry, Cingular, Gigabyte, Gsmart, HTC, i-Mate, Motorola, O2, Palm One, Qtek, Softbank,Sony Ericsson, SPV and T-Mobile PDA/smart phones released between January 2005 and February 2010.

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    Top PDA Devices | eHow.com The stylus, a pen-like input accessory, was popular in early PDA models, but has given way to touchscreens.

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