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"Celt" redirects here. For other uses, see This article is about the ancient peoples of Europe. For Celts of the present day, see redirects here.

Other Rel.Self- Devt.Web Res. The money generated from the website will help us improve the website. Use our to make your online purchases from today. types--short and dark as well as tall and fairer Highlanders or Welshmen, short, broad-headed Bretons, various types of Irishmen. Men with Norse names and Norse aspect "have the Gaelic." But all alike have the same character and temperament, a striking witness to the influence which the character as well as the language of the Celts, whoever they were, made on all with whom they mingled.

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    • by Leigh T. Denault The lands occupied by Celtic peoples, whose existence can be traced over more than 25 centuries, were vast. Celts occupied land in modern day Eastern Europe, Greece, Spain, Northern Italy, Western Europe, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The Celtic people have mystified anthropologists and historians for generations. They were a non literate culture whose history and literature was preserved through oral tradition. The only written records of their civilization are the texts left by classical authors, the first of which appear circa 500 BCE. These accounts, inaccurate as they may be, are important in that they demonstrate that the Celts came into cultural contact, and sometimes competition, with the Greeks as well as the Romans.

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    • CELTIC HISTORY; BRIEFLY... One is to learn and collect sciences. The second is to teach. Is not usual or becoming to a Bard." A t the present time, every aspect of Celtic culture is a very visible part of a multicultural world. Everyone whose family roots lie in central, western and northwestern Europe has a Celtic connection of some sort. Celtic culture is very ancient. It goes back over 2,700 years, yet it is still a living force in the modern world, through Celtic art, Celtic music, Celtic writing, and Celtic spirituality. This is because the civilization of the Celts has continued without break over the centuries. This unbroken tradition can be experienced in the oldest literature from Northern Europe, that is in the Welsh and Irish languages. The earliest Welsh and Irish writings preserve the ancient Celtic world-view that is nature venerating and poetic,where the spiritual and the material worlds come together to enrich one another.


    • The Celts were a group of peoples that occupied lands stretching from the British Isles to Gallatia. The Celts had many dealings with other cultures that bordered the lands occupied by these peoples, and even though there is no written record of the Celts stemming from their own documents, we can piece together a fair picture of them from archeological evidence as well as historical accounts from other cultures. The first historical recorded encounter of a people displaying the cultural traits associated with the Celts comes from northern Italy around 400 BC, when a previously unkown group of barbarians came down from the Alps and displaced the Etruscans from the fertile Po valley, a displacment that helped to push the Etruscans from history's limelight.

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    in brackets [ ]. There is much conjecture concerning the origins of the people who came to be known as the Celts. Jean Markale states that they have “… risen, apparently from nowhere, in around the 5th or 6th century BC…” (1) By analyzing Celtic legends and myths, backed by geographical and geological evidence, Markale places their beginnings in the area of what is now Belgium and northern France.

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    by Nick Griffin, M.A. (Hons.), Cantab. "The whole nation is war-mad, both high-spirited and ready for battle, but otherwise simple, though not uncultured." -- Strabo, 1st century A.D.

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    The origin of the Celts, daily life, druids, religion, and warfare in Celtic society. (The Iron Age) c. 600 BC - 50 AD Who were they? The Iron Age is the age of the "Celt" in Britain.

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    IN the chronicles of the classical nations for about five hundred years previous to the Christian era there are frequent references to a people associated with these nations, sometimes in peace, sometimes in war, and evidently occupying a position of great strength and influence in the Terra Incognita of Mid-Europe.

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    and in search results.To change your location filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page.Click "OK" to accept this setting, or click "Cancel" to set your location filter to "Worldwide".

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    Skip to navigationSkip to search already beginning to loom large in people's minds, many red-blooded Welsh men and women (and Irish and Scots, too, come to that) have once again become suddenly conscious of their Celtic heritage.We are all of us proud of our heritage.

  • who want's to be a millionaire The Celts: A History (9780786712113): Peter Berresford Ellis: BooksYour Hello. I own the rights to this title and would like to make it available again through Amazon.3.5 out of 5 starsBy the third century B.C., at the height of their greatest expansion, the Celts had spread from their Rhineland home as far west as Ireland and east to Turkey's central plain, as far north as Belgium and south to Cadiz in Spain.

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    There are many variations on the theme, but in outline, the history of the Celts is usually told as follows. By around 8-600BC, in the lands just North of the Alps, peoples had appeared whom their literate Greek neighbours to the South came to call Keltoi .

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    The way Asians view Western history is astounding beyond imagination. We learn that everything we have been taught is a lie. We learn that we are being manipulated and herded like sheep by a secret elite.

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