nervous system of a nose

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Smell is often considered to be the least important of all the senses, but it may be one of the oldest, and probably acts on the subconscious more than the other senses.

The human ability to feel, reproduce, and even see the very text on this page is controled, in computer like calculations, by the magical nervous system. Yes, the nervous system is quite like magic because you can't see it, but its working through electric impulses through your body. Although it seems magical , you can comprehend it all by keeping your eyes glued to this very web page. One of the worlds most "intricately organized" electron mechanisms is the nervous system.

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    • Warning: The NCBI web site requires JavaScript to function. All Chemicals & Bioassays Resources...All DNA & RNA Resources...All Data & Software Resources...All Domains & Structures Resources...All Genes & Expression Resources...All Genetics & Medicine Resources...All Genomes & Maps Resources...All Homology Resources...All Literature Resources...All Proteins Resources...All Sequence Analysis Resources...All Taxonomy Resources...All Training & Tutorials Resources...All Variation Resources...v.29(4); Aug 2009Acta Otorhinolaryngol Ital. : 218–221. Address for correspondence: Prof. G. Altissimi Clinica Otorinolaringoiatrica e Chirurgia Cervico-Facciale, Azienda Ospedaliera “S.

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    • If you cannot see the Flash Movie playing then you may not have the flash player installed. The latest version of the Flash player can be downloaded free from If you can see the Flash movie then please ignore this message.Your sense of smell warns you of dangers such as smoke and poisonous gases. It also helps you appreciate the full flavours of food and drink. Your sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than your sense of taste.You are able to detect thousands of different smells. The receptors that sense smells are called olfactory receptors. They occupy a stamp-sized area in the roof of your nasal cavity, the hollow space inside your nose.Tiny hairs, made of nerve fibres, dangle from all your olfactory receptors. They are covered with a layer of mucus. If a smell, formed by chemicals in the air, dissolves in this mucus, the hairs absorb it and excite your olfactory receptors.


    • Furthermore, when we breathe through our nose, the air passing through the nasal airway and contacting the turbinates — shelf-like bony structures — is slowed down. This allows the proper mixing of the air with an amazing gas produced in the nasal sinuses called nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is secreted into the nasal passages and is inhaled through the nose. It is a potent vasodilator (dilatation of the blood vessels), and in the lungs it enhances the uptake of oxygen. NO is also produced in the walls of blood vessels and is critical to all organs in the body. Let's evaluate the differences in mouth breathers and nose breathers.

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    Nasal administration can be used to deliver drugs for either local or systemic effect. are for example decongestants and allergy treatments.

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    showing evidence of the nasal cycle. The more patent airway is on the right; the swollen turbinates congesting the left. in humans. It is a physiological congestion of the .

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    It appears you have not yet registered with our community. To register please click here...Go to Page... About 6 months ago, I woke up and could see my nose (mainly the right side) constantly in my field of vision.

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    I was recently diagnosed with 2 Tarlov cysts on the S1 section of my back. I get sciatica nerve pain constantly. Meloxicam stops my pain for a few days. But as soon as I stop the medicine, the pain restarts.

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    Enviroknow’s Health & Environment Resource Center is pleased to present "Sweet Poison: What Your Nose Can’t Tell You About the Dangers of Perfume." The information provided in this document is intended to introduce the reader to human health issues related to the widespread use of fragrance products.

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    ...or, search within full reference content understand the physiology of the nose, its functions must be understood.

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    , Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by our Capsaicin is the substance found in hot red and chili peppers, and it's responsible for the burning sensation that occurs when eating these foods.

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