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We are going to be on booth 715 at mHealth Summit in Washington DC Gaylord Convention Center from Dec 5th to 7th.

All The Merge Tags (Cheatsheet) | MailChimp.com ChimpEmail Marketing and Email List Manager, MailChimp.com ChimpEmail Marketing and Email List Manager, MailChimp.com Here's a quick list of all of the merge tags we have available. You can also dig down into other articles like for deeper explanations and examples. Every single merge tag on this cheatsheet can be used on your campaigns. This particular group of tags is available for campaigns only. They cannot be used on signup forms.The full Campaign Archive URL.A text-only version of the Rewards link.Links to translate a campaign, HTML is not escaped.Facebook Comments URL.Shows the current date in the given format "FORMAT".

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    • . 5.2 Mm X 2 Ft. X 4 Ft. Sande Handy Panel 1511004 at The Home Depot Homedepot.com offers a variety of shipping options. Your shipping choices will depend on the item or items in your order. Here are some details to help you to better understand your shipping options:Note: Total Delivery Timeline for Alaska and Hawaii orders may take up to two additional business days. More than 150 lbs. and/or package size greater than 108 inches in length and/or greater than 165 inches in girth Note: Home Delivery is not available in Alaska and Hawaii. Delivery to remote locations within the continental United States may take longer.Home Delivery service varies by product. Most deliveries (building materials/remodel products/outdoor products) will be either left in a dry area outside or taken inside the home to the first room (electronics/furniture/high end appliances).

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    • jQuery is very popular now a days with web develpors, and it is really amazing to see what one can create using jQuery. Its community backed and powered up in such a way that nothing is impossible and everything is easy to achieve. Moreover, it has got a huge number of free plugins to play with that can improve the quality your web development work, but also make it easier to do at the same time. Today we have a great round-up for your with jQuery plugins. We tried to list out the 40 Great jQuery plugins for serious web developers. Hope you’ll enjoy it, and feel free to leave a comment with any that we may have left out!Surprised 2.0 Plugin. Updated daily, they provide the latest in Free and Premium WordPress Themes including detailed WordPress Theme Club Reviews. Please help us to promote this article. Hey, these are some pretty useful plugins for jQuery. I am currently trying to create a full screen jQuery and so this blog was very helpful.


    • Rapid | HANDY Staple Gun MS4.1 To log in to your account enter your e-mail address and password below.Don't have an account yet? Sign up today. Receive our Latest News, be the first to see our NEW Products and Exclusive Offers.We have put together a number of solutions for you so you can confidently complete your projects for professionals, experienced DIY's, just for a hobby or for gardeners.To find a dealer, choose one of these options...HANDY Staple Gun MS4.1Strong, lightweight, 4-function staple gun with a universal magazine that easily loads staples, cable staples, brads and pins. Projecting nose for reaching in to corners and tight spaces.

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    If you have your mailing label from your magazine delivery, your subscriber ID number appears above your name and address. In the label sample below, the subscriber ID is circled in red.

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    Adv. LearningThe first model Jewish home.I trusted my children. Then this happened.Shin is the first person born and raised in a North Korean monstrous slave-labor prison to escape and tell his harrowing tale.Aish.com BooksEchoes of ’67, Israelis today face the greatest threat to their existence.A love I can’t explain.

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    ($0.00, 0 Items) G. Lalo The Handy measures 11cm x 21cm (approximately 4.33in x 8.25in), and contains 32 sheets (64 pages) of slightly off-white acid-free 80g fountain pen friendly paper.

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    You can use this online tool to create a QR Code to use on your website or print ad.A QR Code can be read by specific readers (may them be hardware or software) and are now available in most smartphones.

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    Sometimes you have a nice concept for a design in your mind, but you don’t know where to start; or sometimes you are just not aware of the right size for the design to implement.

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    Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. . It's fast and easy. We'll never post without your permission.Your name will be publicly displayed on Etsy.

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    GISON-Handy Air Hose Reel (6.5mm x 9.5mm x 6m)[GP-RB01B],Handy Air Hose Reel,Air Hose Reel & Balancer,Air Tool, Air Tools, Pneumatic Tool, Pneumatic Tools,Taiwan Manufacturer,Factory,Supplier,China,Asia GISON Machinery Co., Ltd.

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    American Bohemian Corporation s.r.o. Midwest snips are professional tinsmith scissors and pliers in the highest quality from the traditional producer of handy tools.

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    . Small size... will make a BIG IMPACT in your advertising! * Pentel Recycology products are made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials by weight, excluding consumable content and refills.

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