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    • Philadelphia County, PA. Posted Queries forDavid L. Anderson.  I am looking for any information on hisparental background. He was born in Philadelphia in 1845, died in at 83 years old in 1928. He was a close friend of John Wanamaker and also worked for him. He was also a director of the Union League in Philadelphia. I am his great grandson and am trying to trace his background. Any information will help.5 Jul 2000, Ronald W. German, My ancestor, Edwin Dewey SHARP, married Myrtle DALBEY, in 1920 in Philadelphia.  They had two children, Isabel and Edwin (aka Buddy).  I would like information on either of the children or their descendants.Lokadia or Katherine Steinke 32, married to Johann Drescher 42, one son Leon, 8yrs old on 1910 Philadelphia census living on Orianna St, all Germans emigrated through Canada. Believe sibling relationship to Eda Sawatsky Steinke (died in Delaware in 1930's, age 70's) and Wilhelm Steinke (died in Winnipeg 1920's, age 60's).

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    • - of the newest cemetery transcriptions published daily.* Records with an asterisk at the end indicates those that have not been verified as accurate by the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs. Please visit " " for details on what this means. To report an error, please visit the website, click on "Contact the VA" and follow the instructions. Casado, Louders , b. 03/01/1961, d. 03/01/1961, US Army, PFC, Res: Ft Dix, NJ, Plot: M 0 1554, bur. 03/06/1961 Casale, Thomas , b. 02/20/1904, d. 05/28/1954, US Army, PVT, Res: Blackwood, NJ, Plot: U 0 368, bur. 07/09/1954 Casar, Frank Joseph , b. 10/17/1902, d. 04/14/1963, US Navy, S1, Res: Camden, NJ, Plot: X 0 3088, bur. 04/22/1963 Cascarino, Joseph Henry , b. 01/19/1903, d. 01/23/1965, US Navy, CCM, Res: Mt Holly, NJ, Plot: Y 0 442, bur. 01/27/1965 Cascarino, Lillian , b. 01/09/1900, d. 06/12/1975, US Navy, CCM, Res: Mt Holly, NJ, Plot: Y 0 442, bur.


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    listed in our florist directory. Call these Bala Cynwyd florists and say you found them on ®! Dozen Roses Arranged - $50.00 Mixed Arrangements - $35.00 Sympathy Arrangements - $40.00 Green Plants - $35.00 Minimum Delivery Charge: $10.00         Same Day Delivery Cutoff Time (Mon.-Fri.):  1:00 PM ** Prices May Be Higher During Certain Holiday And Seasonal Periods.

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    Find Businesses & Services (e.g. restaurants) - "The office staff & the doctor were very nice. I love the..." 1.37 " anyone!! Took my dog there for a sick visit.

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    Find Businesses & Services (e.g. restaurants) - Training dogs with powerful methods to better the bond between you and them. " the fact that they were upfront about any possible defects that their animals might..." 0.55 1.01 0.38 - "I liked this hospital and vet.

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    Thornton Garage Sales, Yard & Estate Sales by Map | Thornton, Pennsylvania | gsalr.comOrchard Friends School Flea Market and Family...Multi-family treasures, vendors, games, food....and a 5K run kicks off at 9 AM @405 Linden Ave.

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    Willow Grove news | local news in Willow Grove, PA | Neighborhood news Learn more about for Hello Upper Dublin! My name is Keith Heffintrayer, and I am the Associate Local Editor for the Montgomery County cluster of Patch sites.

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    Recent Accident Stories | 6abc.comMr. FoodMrs. FixitExplore StoriesThe residents say the outbreak of accidents has occurred since a detour went up at a nearby road.Video: Car slams into Del.

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    . 74th Avenue, S 74th Street, 75th Avenue, N 75th Street, S 75th Street, 76th Avenue, N 76th Street, S 76th Street, 77th Avenue, N 77th Street, ...S 77th Street, 78th Avenue, S 78th Street, 79th Avenue, 80th Avenue, S 80th Street, S 81st Street, S 82nd Street, S 86th Street, A Street, ...A Street, W Abbottsford Avenue, Abby Road, Aberdale Road, Aberdeen Street, Abigail Street, E Abington Avenue, W Abington Avenue, Academy Circle, Academy Road, ...Annin Street, E Annsbury Street, W Annsbury Street, Apple Blossom Way, Apple Street, Applehouse Road, Appletree Court, Appletree Street, Apsley Street, Aramingo Avenue, ...E Armat Street, Arnold Street, Arrott Street, Arthur Street, Artwood Drive, Asbury Terrace, Ascot Place, Ash Street, Ashburner Street, E Ashdale Street, ...W Ashdale Street, Ashfield Lane, Ashford Street, Ashland Avenue, Ashley Road, N Ashmead Place, S Ashmead Place, E Ashmead Street, W Ashmead Street, Ashton Road, ...W Atlantic Street, Atmore Road, Atwood Road, Aubrey Avenue, E Auburn Street, W Auburn Street, Audubon Avenue, Audubon Place, Audubon Plaza, Aurania Street, ...Auth Street, Avalon Street, Avon Road, Avon Street, N Avondale Street, S Avondale Street, Axe Factory Road, Ayrdale Road, Ayrdalecrescent Street, B Street, ...Barbary Road, Barcalow Street, Barclay Street, Baring Street, Barlow Street, Barnard Street, Barner Place, Barnes Street, Barnett Street, Barringer Street, ...Barry Road, Bartlett Street, Bartram Avenue, Basile Road, Bass Street, Battersby Street, Bayard Street, Baynton Street, Beacon Road, Beaumont Street, ...Belgrade Street, Belgreen Road, Bellaire Place, Bellaire Road, Bellevue Street, Bellford Street, Bellmore Street, E Bells Mill Road, W Bells Mill Road, Belmar Street, ...Bermuda Street, Bernita Drive, Berwyn Street, Beth Drive, Bethlehem Park, Betsy Ross Place, Beulah Place, S Beulah Street, Beverly Drive, Beverly Road, ...Birch Road, E Birch Street, W Birch Street, Birwood Street, Biscayne Drive, Biscayne Place, Bittern Place, Blair Street, Blakemore Street, Blakeslee Drive, ...Brown Street, Brunner Street, Brunswick Place, Brush Road, Bryan Street, Bryn Mawr Avenue, Buckingham Place, Buckius Street, N Bucknell Street, S Bucknell Street, ...Cardiff Street, Cardin Road, Carey Place, Carey Plaza, Carey Road, E Carey Street, W Carey Street, Carey Terrace, Cargill Lane, N Carlisle Street, ...Carter Road, Carteret Drive, Carver Street, Carwithan Avenue, Carwithan Street, Casimir Street, Caskey Street, Casper Street, Castle Avenue, Castor Avenue, ...Church Street, Churchill Lane, Cinnaminson Street, Cinnamon Drive, City Avenue, Claire Road, E Clapier Street, W Clapier Street, Claremont Road, Clarence Street, ...Cliffe Drive, Clifford Street, Clifford Terrace, S Clifton Street, Clinton Street, E Cliveden Street, W Cliveden Street, Cloud Street, Cloverly Road, Clyde Lane, ...Clymer Street, Cobbs Creek Pky, Colebrook Road, Colfax Street, Colgate Street, Colima Road, N College Avenue, W College Avenue, Colli Drive, Collins Street, ...Comly Place, Comly Road, Comly Street, Commerce Street, E Commissioner Street, W Commissioner Street, Conard Street, Conarroe Street, Concord Street, N Conestoga Street, ...N Corlies Street, S Corlies Street, Cormorant Place, Cornelius Street, E Cornwall Street, W Cornwall Street, Corry Place, Corry Road, Cosgrove Street, Cottage Street, ...County Line Road, E Courtland Street, W Courtland Street, Covered Bridge Pth, Covert Road, Covington Road, Cowden Street, Crafton Street, Craig Street, Cranston Road, ...Crawford Street, Crease Street, Crefeld Street, N Creighton Street, Crescentville Road, Cresco Avenue, Cresheim Road, Cresson Street, Crest Park Road, Crestmont Avenue, ...Crestmont Avenue, Creston Street, Crestview Road, Creswood Road, Crispin Street, Cristina Place, Crittenden Street, Croatan Place, Cromwell Road, N Croskey Street, ...W Cumberland Street, Curie Boulevard, Curlew Place, Curtin Street, Custer Street, Custis Place, Cuthbert Street, Cutler Street, Cypress Street, D Street, ...Dallas Street, Daly Street, Damar Drive, Danbury Street, Daner Lane, Danforth Street, Daniel Street, Danley Road, Daphne Road, N Darien Street, ...W Dauphin Street, Davis Street, Dawson Street, Day Street, N De Kalb Street, Deacon Street, Deal Street, Dearborn Street, Dearnley Street, Decatur Street, ...N Delhi Street, S Delhi Street, Delmar Street, Delphine Street, Delray Street, Denfield Place, Denman Road, Dennie Street, Densmore Road, Depue Avenue, ...Ditman Street, Divinity Street, Division Street, Dobson Street, Domino Lane, Donaldson Street, Donath Street, Dondill Place, Dora Drive, Dorcas Street, ...S Dover Street, Dows Road, Drake Drive, Draper Street, Dreer Street, Drexel Road, Driftwood Drive, Drumore Drive, Drumore Place, Dudley Street, ...E Earlham Street, W Earlham Street, Earlham Terrace, Earp Street, East Street, Eastburn Avenue, Easton Road, Eastview Road, Eastwick Avenue, Eastwood Street, ...Elkins Avenue, Ella Street, E Ellet Street, W Ellet Street, Ellicott Road, Ellie Drive, Ellington Road, Elliott Street, Elliston Circle, Ellsworth Street, ...Englewood Street, Enterprise Avenue, Envoy Avenue, Epiphany Place, Erdman Street, Erdrick Street, Erica Place, Erica Street, Erica Terrace, E Erie Avenue, ...E Erie Avenue, W Erie Avenue, Ernest Street, Ernie Davis Circle, Ernst Street, Erringer Place, Erwin Street, Essex Lane, Essington Avenue, W Estaugh Street, ...W Estaugh Street, Etta Street, N Etting Street, S Etting Street, Euclid Avenue, Euclid Street, Eva Street, Evans Street, Evarts Street, Eveline Street, ...Everett Avenue, Evergreen Avenue, E Evergreen Avenue, W Evergreen Avenue, Exeter Road, E Eyre Street, W Eyre Street, F Street, Factory Street, Fairdale Road, ...Fariston Drive, Farmdale Road, Farnsworth Street, Farragut Street, Farragut Terrace, Farrell Court, Farrell Lane, Farrington Road, Farson Street, Farwell Road, ...Furley Street, G Street, Gainor Road, Galahad Road, Galdi Lane, E Gale Street, W Gale Street, S Galloway Street, Garden Street, Gardenia Lane, ...S Garnet Street, Garrett Street, Garth Road, Garvey Drive, Gaskill Street, Gaston Lane, Gatehouse Lane, Gates Street, Gateway Drive, Gaul Street, ...Gaul Street, Gay Street, Gelena Road, Genesee Drive, Genesee Place, Geneva Avenue, W George Street, Georges Lane, Georgian Road, Gerhard Street, ...W Girard Avenue, Gladstone Street, Glen Campbell Road, Glen Echo Road, Glenbrook Place, Glendale Avenue, Glendale Street, Glenfield Street, Glengarry Road, Glenhope Road, ...Golf Road, Good Street, Goodford Road, Goodman Street, Goodnaw Street, E Gordon Street, W Gordon Street, Gorgas Lane, E Gorgas Lane, W Gorgas Lane, ...Gorman Street, Gould Street, Governors Court, E Gowen Avenue, W Gowen Avenue, Grace Lane, Graham Street, Grakyn Lane, W Grange Avenue, Granite Street, ...Hellerman Street, Helmer Drive, N Hemberger Street, S Hemberger Street, Hemlock Drive, Hendren Street, Hendrix Street, Henley Street, Hennig Street, Henry Avenue, ...Henry Avenue, Herbert Street, N Hereford Lane, S Hereford Lane, Herkness Street, Herman Street, Hermit Lane, Hermit Street, Hermit Terrace, Hermitage Street, ...Hermitage Street, Herschel Place, Herschel Road, Hess Street, Heston Street, E Hewson Street, W Hewson Street, Hickory Hill Road, N Hicks Street, S Hicks Street, ...E Highland Avenue, W Highland Avenue, Hill Road, Hillcrest Avenue, Hilltop Road, Hilspach Street, E Hilton Street, W Hilton Street, Hiola Road, N Hirst Street, ...Hoffman Street, Hoffnagle Place, Hoffnagle Street, Holbrook Street, E Hollingsworth Street, Hollins Road, Hollis Street, Holly Road, N Holly Street, N Hollywood Street, ...Ibis Place, Imogene Street, Ina Drive, Independence Court, Independence Street, N Independence W Ml, S Independence W Ml, Indian Queen Lane, E Indiana Avenue, W Indiana Avenue, ...W Indiana Avenue, Ingersoll Street, Intrepid Avenue, Inverness Lane, Inwood Lane, Ionic Street, Iris Lane, Iron Place, Irving Street, S Iseminger Street, ...Kalos Street, Karen Street, Kater Street, Kauffman Street, Kayford Circle, Keely Place, Keely Street, Keiffer Street, Keim Street, Kelvin Avenue, ...Kerper Street, Kershaw Street, Keswick Circle, Keswick Road, E Keswick Road, S Keswick Road, W Keswick Road, Keswick Terrace, Kevin Court, Keyser Street, ...Kindred Street, King Arthur Road, King Street, Kingfield Road, Kinglet Place, N Kings Oak Lane, S Kings Oak Lane, W Kings Oak Lane, Kings Place, Kingsessing Avenue, ...Kingsley Street, W Kingsley Street, Kingston Street, Kinsdale Street, Kinsey Street, Kip Street, Kipling Lane, Kirby Drive, Kirkbride Street, Kirkwood Road, ...Krewstown Road, Kyle Road, L Street, Lackland Drive, Lackland Place, Lackland Terrace, Lafayette Place, Lakeside Avenue, Lamar Place, N Lambert Street, ...Lancaster Avenue, Lancelot Place, Landis Street, Lanett Road, Langdon Street, Langton Place, Lanier Avenue, Lankenau Avenue, Lankenau Road, Lansdowne Avenue, ...Latona Street, Laurel Street, Laurens Street, Laurie Lane, Lauriston Street, W Laveer Street, Lawler Street, Lawn Street, Lawnbrook Road, Lawndale Avenue, ...Leopard Street, Leroy Street, Lesher Street, Lester Place, Lester Road, Letitia Street, E Letterly Street, W Letterly Street, Levering Street, Leverington Avenue, ...Livingston Street, Lloyd Street, Lochwood Road, Lockart Lane, Lockart Place, Lockart Plaza, Lockart Road, Lockart Terrace, Locust Avenue, Locust Street, ...Loring Street, Lorna Drive, Lorry Place, Lott Avenue, Lotus Road, E Loudon Street, W Loudon Street, Louis Court, Louise Street, Ludlow Street, ...Lyons Place, M Street, Macon Street, Madison Avenue, Madison Place, Madison Square, E Madison Street, W Madison Street, Magdalena Street, Magee Avenue, ...Manton Street, Mantua Avenue, Maple Avenue, Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood Ml, Marcella Street, Marchman Road, Marcy Place, Margaret Street, Marion Street, ...Matthews Street, Matthias Street, Maxwell Place, Maxwell Street, May Place, S May Street, Mayfair Street, E Mayfield Street, W Mayfield Street, Mayland Street, ...Mc Pherson Street, Meadow Lane, Meadow Street, Meadowlark Place, Mebus Street, Mechanic Street, Mechanicsville Road, Medary Avenue, Medford Place, Medford Road, ...Medford Road, Media Street, Medina Street, Medrick Place, Medway Road, Meehan Avenue, Megargee Street, Melite Place, Melon Place, Melon Street, ...Meridian Street, Merion Avenue, E Mermaid Lane, W Mermaid Lane, Merrick Road, Mershon Street, Messina Way, Meyer Place, Michelle Drive, Michener Avenue, ...Milnor Street, Milton Street, Minden Road, Minerva Street, Miriam Road, Mitchell Street, Modena Drive, Modena Place, Modena Terrace, Mohican Street, ...Morefield Road, E Moreland Avenue, W Moreland Avenue, Morning Glory Road, Moro Street, Morrell Avenue, Morrell Circle, Morrell Street, Morris Park Road, Morris Street, ...N Myrtlewood Street, S Myrtlewood Street, Nandina Lane, Nandina Street, Nanton Drive, Nanton Place, Nanton Terrace, Naomi Street, N Napa Street, S Napa Street, ...Nathaniel Place, N Natrona Street, Nature Road, Naudain Street, Nauldo Road, Nautilus Road, Navajo Street, Nectarine Street, Nedla Road, W Nedro Avenue, ...W Nedro Avenue, Nehemiah Way, Neil Road, Neilson Street, Nelson Street, Neptune Court, Neptune Road, Nesper Street, Nester Place, Nester Street, ...Nestling Road, W Nevada Street, New Market Street, New Queen Street, New State Road, New Street, Newberry Road, Newcomb Street, Newhall Street, N Newkirk Street, ...Newton Street, Newtown Avenue, Nice Street, Nicholas Street, Nightingale Road, Nippon Street, Nixon Street, Noble Street, Nolan Street, Norcom Road, ...North Street, North Terrace, Northeast Avenue, Northeast Boulevard, Northview Road, Norvelt Drive, Norwalk Road, Norwood Avenue, N Norwood Street, S Norwood Street, ...N Park Avenue, Park Lane, Park Terrace, Parker Avenue, Parkside Avenue, Parkview Road, Parkwood Lane, Parkwyn Road, Parlin Place, Parlin Street, ...N Percy Street, S Percy Street, Perkiomen Street, Perot Street, Perrin Road, N Perth Street, S Perth Street, Peters Street, Peyton Street, E Phil Ellena Street, ...S Philip Street, Phillips Terrace, Philmont Avenue, Philmont Place, Philmont Terrace, Phoebe Place, Pickering Avenue, Pickwick Street, S Pier, Pierce Street, ...Pine Street, Pinewood Place, Pinewood Road, Pitt Place, Pittville Avenue, Placid Street, Plainfield Street, Plane Road, E Pleasant Place, N Pleasant Place, ...Pleasant Street, Plover Street, Plum Street, Plymouth Street, Point Breeze Avenue, Pollard Street, E Pomona Street, W Pomona Street, Pompey Place, Pontiac Avenue, ...Reinhard Street, Remsen Road, Rennard Place, Rennard Street, Reno Street, Renovo Street, Renz Street, Reserve Drive, Retta Street, Revere Street, ...Ridgefield Road, Ridgeway Place, Ridgeway Plaza, Ridgeway Street, Ridgeway Terrace, Ridgewood Street, Ridley Street, Righter Street, N Ringgold Street, S Ringgold Street, ...Ryan Avenue, Ryers Avenue, Ryerson Road, Saber Street, 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Stratford Drive, Strawberry Street, Suffolk Avenue, Suffolk Place, Sugdens Row, Sulis Street, Sumac Street, ...Sumac Street, Summer Street, Summerdale Avenue, Summit Avenue, Summit Street, Sunflower Drive, Sunnyside Avenue, W Sunset Avenue, Surgeon General Court, Surrey Road, ...W Susquehanna Avenue, Susquehanna Road, Sussex Lane, Swain Street, N Swanson Street, S Swanson Street, Sweet Briar Place, Sweet Briar Road, Sycamore Street, N Sydenham Street, ...Thouron Avenue, Thyme Lane, Tibben Street, Tiber Street, Tilden Street, Tilghman Street, Tilton Street, Timber Lane, Tinicum Boulevard, E Tioga Street, ...Trevose Road, Trina Drive, Trinity Street, Trotter Street, Trout Road, Tryon Street, E Tucker Street, W Tucker Street, Tudor Street, Tulip Street, ...N Wendle Street, Wendover Street, E Wensley Street, Wentz Street, Wesleyan Road, Wessex Lane, West End Drive, Westbourne Place, Westbury Drive, Westford Road, ...Whitby Avenue, Whitehall Lane, Whiting Place, Whiting Road, Whitney Street, Wickley Road, Widener Place, Widener Street, Wiehle Street, Wigard Avenue, ...Williams Avenue, Willings Alley, Willings Alley Mew, Willington Street, Willits Road, E Willow Grove Avenue, W Willow Grove Avenue, Willow Street, Willows Avenue, Wilmot Street, ...

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    provided by many participants in this on-going work. Women are listed by their surname at death. Marshall E. Durham 1916-1998 Funeral program: Homegoing Service for Brother Marshall E.

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    African-American Cemeteries offers 80,000 family histories using ce...LOCAL CONTACT INFORMATION 1 Local Area, Participant Categories Serv...Knott Historical Society - Home PageThe Family of Samuel Cornett Early Settlers of the Forks of Trouble...Ada M.

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