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. B.C. Reg. 144/2004[includes amendments up to B.C. Reg. 235/2008, August 7, 2008] "excluded pesticide" has the same meaning as in the Integrated Pest Management Regulation, B.C.

. Please help to ensure that disputed facts are . See the relevant discussion on the . (July 2009) . Whereas the , Highway 7 follows the northern bank.. In 1953, Highway 7 was moved to its modern alignment between Vancouver and . Highway 7's eastern end was moved south from Harrison Hot Springs to in 1968. Highway 7 has gone all the way to a junction with Highway 1 just past since 1973.'s name (pronounced "LAW-heed"), the Lougheed in Lougheed Highway is pronounced "LOW-heed".

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    • Robert J. Bauman. The BCSC hears . Including supernumerary , there are presently 108 judges. There are also 13 Supreme Court who hear and dispose of a wide variety of applications in chambers. in all cases, civil and criminal, arising in British Columbia. The BCSC has in addition to any jurisdiction granted to it by federal or provincial statute. division of the Provincial Court. Under the , the BCSC is included as a "superior court of criminal jurisdiction", meaning that it has exclusive jurisdiction for the trial of serious crimes within British Columbia.The BCSC also hears appeals from the Provincial Court and some administrative tribunals. Appeals to its own judgments are heard by the .

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    • Four rituals are worked in this jurisdiction: British Columbian Canadian Work (Can.), as derived from that compiled by Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. Simon McGillivray in 1823 and worked in the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario ; (Anc.), as derived from that of the "Ancient" or "Athol" Lodges, by way of the Americans, and Ralph P. Lester (sometimes called the New York or American Work); Australian Work (Aus.), as adopted in 1906 from the ritual created in 1888 by the Grand Lodge of New South Wales from the rituals of England, Scotland and Ireland; and Emulation Work (Emu.), as derived from that worked by Emulation Lodge of Improvement at Freemason’s Hall, London. Although our "Ancient" Work has on occasion been mistakenly referred to as Scotch or Scottish, it is not related to the Scottish Rite. Lodges chartered before 1954 and using the Canadian Work will have their own unique quality.


    • Accessibility Statement.ALT plus 1 skips to main content.ALT plus N skips to navigation.All B.C. Government url:empr.gov.bc.ca/ url:frontcounterbc.gov.bc.ca/ url:ilmbwww.gov.bc.ca/ url:offshoreoilandgas.gov.bc.ca/ url:www.gov.bc.ca/empr/" id="s-section">Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum ResourcesB.C. Home has jurisdiction over the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity within its provincial boundaries.Fisheries Act. of 1962, through the amalgamation of the privately owned BC Electric Company and the BC Power Commission. The Act establishes BC Hydro as a provincial agency with a board of directors appointed by the Province.Under the Act, BC Hydro’s board of directors can exercise various powers including: the authority to generate and distribute electricity, develop power projects, store water, purchase and sell power, expropriate and enter onto land and borrow money.

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    Teck Cominco Metals Ltd. (Teck) ran several mining and smelting operations in British Columbia (BC). It gave notice to its insurers of legal claims or potential claims related to environmental damage arising from the pollution activities of a predecessor company, Cominco.

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    . The Peace River Liard Regional District (PRLRD) and Peace River Liard Hospital District (PRLHD) were established in 1967. The area of land within the PRLRD jurisdiction included all of the land that lies east of the Rocky Mountains within the British Columbia borders.

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    . 1805 Fort St. John established by Northwest Company1806 Fort St. James established on Stuart Lake1807 Road built from Fort St. James to Fort McLeod1807 David Thompson visits the Kutenai.

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    can be obtained on the help page.Kahnawake Seigneury of Sault St. Louis Claim (Quebec)The Government of Canada's approach to Aboriginal self-government—set out in the 1995 Inherent Right Policy—responds to the representations of Aboriginal groups to evolving jurisprudence and growing public awareness.The issue of Aboriginal self-government grew from discussions on Aboriginal rights in the aftermath of the 1969 White Paper on federal Indian policy.

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    The Parks Canada Agency Act states that it is in the national interest for Parks Canada to “provide leadership and support to the Canadian Heritage Rivers System.”organize Board meetings.The minister responsible for Parks Canada (the Minister of Environment Canada) gives final approval for nominating and designating each Canadian Heritage River.

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    There are many reasons to protect watercourses. From an ecological and public health perspective, rivers, streams and lakes are sources of fresh water and crucial aquatic habitat.

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    Since 2000, BC Hydro has received dozens of small hydroelectric generation proposals. Fourteen are now producing electricity.

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    . All B.C. GovernmentB.C. HomeB.C. TreatyB.C. Home The existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed.In this Act, "aboriginal peoples of Canada" includes the Indian, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada.For greater certainty, in subsection (1) "treaty rights" includes rights that now exist by way of land claims agreements or may be so acquired.Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, the aboriginal and treaty rights referred to in subsection (1) are guaranteed equally to male and female persons.Recent court decisions have both helped clarify the nature of aboriginal rights and redefined the legal relationship between British Columbia and Aboriginal peoples.For example, since section 35 provides general protection but does not define or set out particular aboriginal rights, the courts have established tests for proving Aboriginal rights.

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    Water moves freely across provincial and international borders. As a result, activities in one area of a watershed affect the people and the environment downstream.

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