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This automated phone service provides information about your income tax refund. Enquires related to Ontario Sales Tax Credit (OSTC), Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit (OSTTB), Ontario energy and property tax credit (OEPTC) payment, Northern Ontario energy credit (NOEC) payment, and Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant (OSHPTG) payment.

For personal income taxes, business registration and taxes, child and family benefits, NETFILE and My Account Helpdesks, My Business Account Helpdesk, payment arrangements, and more. Find out the address of the tax centre to mail your Child and Family Benefits forms. Find out how you can report suspected tax cheating or other fraudulent activities. Find out how to make a voluntary disclosure.. If you are commenting about a specific Web page, please include the Web address/URL of the page.

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    • Tax savings for individuals, families and business. Get tax savings working for you!On May 18, 2011, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, announced the appointment of the Honourable Gail Shea as Minister of National Revenue.Free software packages and Web products are available to file your income tax return online.In order to maximize the functionality of this page, please enable JavaScript. Email fraud alert: The CRA is warning Canadians that fraudulent emails purporting to be from the Agency are currently circulating. See . St. John's NL  A1B 3Z2New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Kingston, Peterborough, and St. Catharines.

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    • . In the last . Tax collection agreements enable different governments to levy taxes through a single administration and collection agency. The federal government collects personal income taxes on behalf of all provinces and territories except and Quebec. Canada's federal income tax system is administered by the (CRA).. Provincial and territorial income taxes are levied under various provincial statutes. regime. Taxpayers assess their tax liability by filing a return with the CRA by the required filing deadline. CRA will then assess the return based on the return filed and on information it has obtained from employers and financial companies, correcting it for obvious errors. A taxpayer who disagrees with CRA's assessment of a particular return may appeal the assessment. The appeal process starts when a taxpayer formally objects to the CRA assessment. The objection must explain, in writing, the reasons for the appeal along with all the related facts.


    • US - TurboTax.comYou currently have JavaScript disabled on your browser. Please enable JavaScript before proceeding.Get Your Maximum Refund. Guaranteed. 1 TurboTax.  Don't worry, you can upgrade at any time.Get your biggest refund – guaranteed. 1 accurate. 2 will help you make the most of deductions.Socialize with us - and other TurboTax users - on Twitter and Facebook.If you get a larger refund or smaller tax due from another tax preparation method, we’ll refund the applicable TurboTax purchase price paid. Claims must be submitted within sixty (60) days of your TurboTax filing date and no later than 5/31/12 (and for TurboTax Home & Business no later than 7/15/12).

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    NETFILE is one of our electronic tax-filing options. This transmission service allows you to file your personal income tax and benefit return directly to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) using the Internet.

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    . :: TAXES.CA LINKSAbout TAXES.CAAdvertise on TAXES.CAT.I.P.S. (Tax Information Phone Service)Other (Non-resident, Charities, Non-Profits, Trusts, etc.)Advertise on TAXES.CA.

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    U.S Citizens in CanadaWe're here to help you all year round.We're here to help you all year round.We're here to help you all year round.File with us to get your Maximum Refund, Guaranteed.To locate your nearest office, simply enter your address information below and click "SUBMIT".Ask one of the most trusted sources of online tax information in Canada - the Tax Advisory at H&R Block.

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    is a refundable tax credit intended to provide tax relief for eligible working low income individuals and families who are already in the workforce and to encourage other Canadians to enter the workforce.

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    Find what you need to file your personal Canadian income tax returns, including information on electronic filing, the income tax package, forms and schedules, and supplementary information on income tax benefits and deductions.Information you need to get started filing your taxes, including the deadline, where to get the forms, how to access your personal tax information online, and where to get help.Need a Canadian income tax package? Here are four ways to get one.Common T4 and other income tax slips issued by employers, payers and administrators for Canadian taxpayers to use when filing their Canadian income tax returns.This service gives individuals immediate access to some basic personal tax and benefit information as long as they provide the required identification.Registering for CRA's My Account tax service gives you secure online access to an ever-increasing amount of your personal tax information and also lets you manage some of that information online.You have a choice in how to file your income taxes.

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    Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ). The answers provide information that supplements our list of 1. Do I need to pay income tax in Canada if I am living, working, or travelling abroad? If you are living, working, or travelling abroad but maintain residential ties in Canada, you are usually considered a “factual resident” of Canada for taxation purposes.

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    I have moved and want to make sure I receive my Government of Canada cheque at the new address. How do I inform the federal government of my new address?I received a cheque from the Government of Canada, but don't know what it's for.

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    Many features of this website require JavaScript to be enabled. Please enable JavaScript or expect some issues as you proceed.You are currently visiting our Basic Site.

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    If you work in Canada, you will likely have to pay Canadian income tax. Starting at 15% of your gross pay, this constitutes the largest deduction from your income.

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