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This page may be under construction. . The three-hole pipe and tabor make possible a one-man-band with both melody and percussion.

played with one hand, and a small drum played with the other. The hangs on the performer's left arm or around the neck, leaving the hands free to beat the drum with a stick in the right hand and play the pipe with thumb and first two fingers of the left hand.The pipe is made out of wood, metal or plastic and consists of a cylindrical tube of narrow bore (1:40 diameter:length ratio) pierced with three holes near one end, two in front and one in back. At the opposite end is a fipple or block, similar to that used in a Tabor pipes are widespread throughout the globe, found on most continents and in many countries.

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    • Here you will find the news items of the year gone by. - Repairs on the Ypma-organ (1866) in the Roman Catholic church of 't Zand.- Harlingen, Grote kerk - tonal restoration to the situation-Hinsz 1776. Voicing of the flue stops is almost ready; reconstruction of the reed stops is on hand in the pipe workshop.- Burgwerd, Herv. kerk - restoration of the Schwartzburg - organ (1735-36) to the original one-manual composition. Technically completed, voicing to be done in May/June.- Beringen (Belgium), Pietersbandenkerk - restoration of Vermeersch-organ from 1856, in  cooperation with Belgian organ builder Stan Arnauts.- The big project for St.

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    • In 1999, I purchased the patent, tools, and stock of Pilczuk Accusonic Leadpipes from Richard Pilczuk, the son of creator Gene Pilczuk, now deceased. Both men have reputations for their excellent craftsmanship and inventive intelligence. It is my privilege to continue to produce and offer this unique device for the improvement of any brass instrument. We are currently offering a full range of pipes for high brass and will gradually expand to the production of pipes for low brass. There is no perfect musical instrument. Pros, directors, designers, accousticians, students, and manufacturers all agree. There simply is no perfect instrument. It certainly is true because we all constantly experience those imperfections and it has been that way for generations. But why? Why does it have to be that way? Why, if a musical instrument is properly designed, must it be out of tune and difficult to control in most registers? Common sense dictates that if something is designed perfectly, it should be perfect, or close to it. Every designer that existed knew of the serious shortcomings of the musical instrument but, try as they might, they could not understand why these deficiencies persisted, nor could they design a horn that eliminated them. Perfect pitch was out of the question and even a satisfactorily consistent pitch eluded them. Ultimately they conceded and started making instruments that were compromises. Horns that were acoustically incorrect and had to be lipped or triggered into playing in tune. But they did the best they could and built them the best way they knew how.


    • for Ottav. Spinet A ... B ... C ... D ... E ... F ... G ... H ... I ... J ... ... L ... M ... N ... O ... P ... Q ... R ... S ... T ... U ... V ... ... X ... Y ... Z ... A ... B ... C ... D ... E ... F ... G ... Gilding set for Ottav. Spinet H ... I ... J ... K ... L ... M ... N ... O ... P ... Q ... R ... S ... T ... U ... V ... W ... X ... Y ... Z ... The Portative Organ was one of the most popular instruments of the thirteenth through sixteenth centuries. Relatively light in weight, the instrument, when equipped with a sling, could be carried about and played in religious processions. The player provides his own wind supply by pumping a bellows made of sheepskin and wood with his left hand while playing a button type keyboard of approximately two octaves with his right hand.Because of its limited air supply, the Portative Organ could only play one note at a time.

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    . Lunch will be included. (Please note: topics restricted to drumming only.No flourishing classes offered.) This event has already occurred.

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    Andes Manta presents their acclaimed stage performance, interweaving the music and folklore of the Andes. This formal concert structure may be presented in either two 40 minute halves or a single one-hour and fifteen minute show.

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    U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Department program to design long-throated flumes. This workshop could be an alternative to our "Modern Methods in Canal Operation and Control" workshop, for people who want more detailed information on flow measurement without the canal operation and control topics.

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    A: The Scottish Highland or Irish War Pipes were designed just for that, war. They are loud, sound great with drums and are perfect for rallying tattooed warriors to charge naked into a Roman legion.

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    Fratelli Ruffatti, ca. 1960. Over half a century in the same location.Welcome to our workshop! Here you will see some interesting and important aspects of our daily work.

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    With 4 manuals, 93 stops and 8 000 pipes, the hand-made pipe organ of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall, by the Austrian manufacturer Rieger Orgelbau, is the largest mechanically operated instrument of its kind in the Southeast Asia.

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    This is a short history of Danish hand made pipemaking leading to a presentation of many of the Scandinavian pipemakers after WWII.

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    A pipe organ is a "living" instrument with it's own personality. Every organ has something specific, in both tone and in design.Van Vulpen Organ builders are proud of the guild they have succeeded in creating, of master craftsmen who take pride in their work of designing and making organs, and via handwork from key to pipe, and on the final result - a magnificent organ !Fine historical organs are a source of inspiration to Van Vulpen in creating new instruments.

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    Glastonbury Pipe & Glastonbury Pipe Kit. Renaissance Workshop Company (RWC) is the world's largest manufacturer of Early Music Instruments and the rightful heir of the Early Music Shop's workshop in Bradford Please, note that our definitive URL (locator) is: www.renwks.com You should automatically be redirected to that address.

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