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    In the colonial days everyone was very busy, but there was still time for games and recreation.  Children would play games to help them with skills like running, jumping and throwing.  All of their games were made from things they had because there were no factories or stores that made toys.  In the colonial days there were many children in a family, so the boys and girls always had lots of playmates. Plan your visit to Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Area. Special Events, Lodging, Dining, and more. Find history, education, museums, kid's games, citizenship, publications, & multimedia. Learn about current research, including archaeology, architecture, digital history, & the Library. A resource exploring the causes, character, and consequences of the American Revolution.

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    • Woot! You'll get our Email. ***UPDATE*** Now supports SmartFox and 10,000's of online players. A few new units have been added as well. Enjoy!Colony is here! This is my new action RTS game, and my tribute to my favorite game ever: "Starcraft."Also my first game to feature online multiplayer battles, both PvP and against CPUs :D You can rank up, play with your friends, or play against other people.Mainly using the mouse.Arrow Keys and "A and D" can also be used to scroll the screen.More detailed instructions are in the Campaigns and the Tutorial mode. You don't need to play the Tutorial before playing Campaign though.Copyright 2005-2012 Armor Games. All Rights Reserved.We strive to deliver the best online games experience on the internet, with thousands of free online games for kids, access to free mmorpg games, free online games for girls, online rpg games, fun online flash games, and more.

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    • Democracy vs. AutocracyThe three regions of colonies were so culturally and economically different. What were some of the concerns the colonists in each region would have had? Try to uncover matching pairs of cards. Ben is writing an article for his paper about the original 13 states and the Constitutional Convention. Help him identify state trivia to include and complete the crossword puzzle. The Thirteen English Colonies -- You will be asked to match the English colony with its origin. Click on the flashcard to flip it over. Press Other Side on Top to start showing the reverse sides of the flashcards first. Press Remove Card to remove the current card from the deck. Press Try Again Later to keep the current card in the deck and try it again later. Press Restart to put all the cards back in the deck. Click on the flashcard to flip it over.


    • . This article is about the computer game. For other uses, see . It was published by The 1988 Macintosh release came in two versions, one in color and one with black-and-white graphics. The DOS version, released the same year, was available in black-and-white only. The 1990 Amiga version was in color. . The Colony was one of the first games of its kind to let the player move freely while rendering graphics in . It was also the first game to let the player drive a vehicle.The player takes the role of a marshal responding to a distress call from a research colony. After crash-landing on the planet, the marshal must repair their damaged ship, investigate the colony, and eventually discover and stop an alien race plotting to take over the universe.

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    . Plus ... This game is played similar to hangman, but we don't hang guys around here. You have 60 seconds or 10 guesses to name the original colony.

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    When children had time to play, they enjoyed the same games that their parents and grandparents had played when they were young. We still play many of these games today, like tag, hide-and-seek, and hopscotch.

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    Be more independent. Help bring programs like Liberty! to your PBS station... Copyright© 2004 Twin Cities Public Television. All Rights Reserved.  .

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    Podcast Ep.Adv. SearchRichard H. BergThis game is an operational simulation of the American Revolutionary War from late 1775 (the siege of Boston and the two Canadian expeditions) through the end of 1781.

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    In 1606, some 105 adventurers set off from England to try and establish the first permanent English colony in the New World. They settled in what is now the state of Virginia and called their colony first James Fort, and then James Towne, in honor of James I, the King of England.

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    Bookmark Funny-Games.bizYour mission in this defense game full of aliens is to keep the colonists safe by building guns and armor around the compound. Construct towers with gun turrets to defend the colonies from the brutal alien attacks.

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    Use the Internet resources below to complete your colonial research. Please also use books from the library! (Life, schools, games.

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    you need to upgrade your Flash Player Please visit the adobe site and get the latest flash player.Copyright © 2006-2012

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    Woot! You'll get our Email. Defeat the zombies while managing multiple resources in this hybrid RTS game. Play on an infinite number of maps!The game consists of building towers, managing the resources needed by those towers (and the location of those resources), collecting more resources from cleared out buildings, and using resources to expand and destroy zombies.Shift-click to place multiple of the same item.Be sure to try out a random map after playing through the tutorial.Copyright 2005-2012 Armor Games.

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