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Amazon.com: NOVA: Secrets of the Samurai Sword: Nova: Movies & TVYour Amazon.com Hello. to turn on 1-Click ordering.

This is a Region 1 DVD.It will only play in a DVD player that can play Region 1 DVDs.An investigation into the creation of the Japanese samurai sword about 600 years ago.NOVA - SECRETS OF THE SAMURAI SWORD takes an in depth look at the history of the Katana, a curved long sword traditionally used by the Japanese military from the 1600s. Samurai believed that their sword represented their soul and considered them as living entities. The program also explains the long-established process behind forging the blades and captures some traditional sword fighting at a samurai academy.

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    • NOVA: Secrets of the Samurai Sword DVD - shopPBS.orgYour Purchase Helps support our innovative and educational programming.$0.00 (0 items)List Price: $24.98 Item No. JMSE601 List Price: $24.99 Item No. WG43109 List Price: $29.95 Item No. WG42754 List Price: $19.95Item No.: WG41919For over a thousand years the Samurai sword has dominated the battlefields of Japan, instilled fear and terror into every enemy it faced, and evoked a spiritual way of life that continues even today. With unparalleled access, NOVA travels deep into Japan's ancient foundries, follows the craft of the traditional sword-smiths and attends Samurai fighting school to reveal the art and science behind making what many call the perfect sword.

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    • 0 items $0.00 While supplies last. Samurai warriors 600 years ago were masters at metallurgy: annealing, hardening, and tempering. They developed a fearsome weapon, a razor-sharp sword. How was it made? For the first time clues from the electron microscope and mass spectrometry are used to explain its unique qualities. 56 min. Closed captioned for the hearing impaired and described video for the visually impaired. ALSO SEE... $31.95 $24.75 $32.95 Educational Innovations, Inc.5 Francis J. Clarke Circle, Bethel, CT 06801. 2012 Educational Innovations, Inc. All rights reserved.    Site created by Timberline Interactive.com. Capture the essence of the samurai code of honor, from choosing life over death to stifling a yawn. Step by painstaking step, see what it takes to create a samurai sword. In this time line, follow the millennium-long story of these legendary warriors.


    • Here is a growing collection of instructional DVD's. We will be adding more as they become available.The systematic study of strategy is essential to the understanding of warrior arts both ancient and modern. For the samurai, such as the famous swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, of old Japan, the study of strategy was a life's work. James Williams has studied warrior arts for over four and half decades. For over a decade he has been adapting he strategy, tactics, and techniques of ancient warriors to the modern tactical environment...This video contains the Hasegawa-Eishin Ryu, which is the chuden or middle level of Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido.

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    English archers had their longbows, Old West sheriffs had their six-shooters, but samurai warriors had the most fearsome weapon of all: the razor-sharp katana­ , or samurai sword, which could slice through a human body with a single slash.

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    8.1 Nova follows the creation of a katana from raw iron ore to finished masterpiece, through the hands of fifteen master artisans as scientists explain the chemistry and physics at each step that makes it a superb piece of engineering.

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    See all categories... Mark Lim and I'm an artist. My life revolves around pens and pencils and I choose my tools much like a samurai chooses a sword or a baker chooses a bakey...

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    NOVA: Secrets of the Samurai Sword Synopsis - Plot Summary - Fandango.comThe Dictator (Wed., 5/16)Elena (Limited, Wed., 5/16)Dr. Seuss' The LoraxDr.

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    Master sword instructor John D. McGraugh, Shihan, sixth degree black belt and star of the upcoming release The Sword Guy, has returned from many years of martial arts study in Japan and has formulated a proven method of samurai sword instruction.

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    $1.50 ( The Samurai Sword is one of the most venerated weapons of the ancient world. Sword drawing and cutting reached spiritual level of refinement and sophistication for the Samurai, a level that exists to this day.

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    . and in search results.To change your location filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page.Click "OK" to accept this setting, or click "Cancel" to set your location filter to "Worldwide".

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    Amazon.com: Samurai: The Last Warrior: Stephen Turnbull, Dave Lowry: Movies & TVYour Amazon.com Hello. to turn on 1-Click ordering.

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