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The Shaggy Story » - Long Lasting DodgesCopyright (c)2010 & JustHost.comI wrote this story for a technical writing class I was taking at Ivy Tech.  I got an A.I used this picture for a comparasion to the almost complete Shaggy below.This Technical paper will show the process of Motor home restoration.  A Motor home is a large truck or bus chassis with a house built on it.  The Chassis must be able to haul the house and the house must be able to withstand an earthquake.The restoration of a Motor home starts with the search for a possible restoration candidate.  The criterion for this restoration is that the chassis must be a Dodge because I am a member of the Dodge Chassis Chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association.  The house needs to be in fair condition.  Fair condition means that it will not need major structural repair.

. Please help . Unsourced material may be . (October 2008) . Please . Statements consisting only of original research may be removed. More details may be available on the . (October 2008) . The B and RB engines use wedge-shaped Design features include 17 capscrews per cylinder head, a cylinder block that extends 3 inches (76 mm) below the crankshaft centerline, an intake manifold not exposed to crankcase oil on the underside, stamped-steel, shaft-mounted rocker arms (race versions used forged steel rockers), and a front-mounted oil pump driven by the camshaft.All B-series engines have a 3.375 inches (85.7 mm) .

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    • . from 1965 until the late 1980s. The Travco design originally emerged as a 1961 model called the ", who were the makers of its chassis. One hundred thirty one were produced the first year, with an average price tag of $9000. The Travco/Dodge Motor Home design and fiberglass body were refinements by Ray Frank to the original Frank Motor Home, a conventional box-type design based on the Dodge chassis and built in from 1958-1962. Ray Frank, founder of Frank Industries,also made up the name "motorhome" and went on to develop . Mr. Frank has been inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame & Museum(RV/MH Heritage Foundation,Elkhart Indiana) as the father of the motorhome.. Travco's use of the chassis for twenty years.

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    • Story and photos by RICHARD EHRENBERG. Copyright © 1989 Richard Ehrenberg. Used by permission. For more muscle car action, read Nineteen sixty-nine was a very good year for those Hamtramck high flyers; virtually every car Chrysler was producing was selling well. Stripper , the darlings of the econo set, were being snapped up at a rapid rate. The sportier A-cars the GTS, Swinger, and 'Cuda — had already earned an enviable street reputation for maximum small-block performance. One punch and you knew that the 275-horse rating on the was a bold-faced lie. B-bods were also doing quite nicely, thank you. The new trim, ragtop and air-grabber options, along with a new Technicolor bird, helped give the a shot of adrenalin. Over at the white-hat department, the Dodge boys gave us the flush-grille . Unbeknownst to us, that Charger would soon get a triple hormone shot and grow into the , that fabled winged warrior, complete with an Arnold Schwarzenegger-sized towel bar in back.


    • In 1966, Chrysler was the sixth largest industrial company in the world, with factories on six continents in 19 countries. Chrysler’s various brands were in transition in the mid-1960s. Dodge, until then slotted between entry-level Plymouth and near-luxury Chrysler, was trying to build up a reputation for excitement and power, but its models ranged from the smallest car the corporation made, the . Each carline included a number of models and variants; styling was more mainstream than in years past. The ads proclaimed the “Dodge Rebellion,” though Dodge had little to rebel against — its position was most definitely favored at Chrysler, with Plymouths and Chryslers being badged as Dodges to that division’s tastes.

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    for 1960-1976 Dodge and Plymouth Mopar models.Classic Industries offers the largest selection of officially licensed Mopar Authentic Restoration products in the industry! Our expansive inventory includes just about everything needed to return most 1960-1976 Dodge and Plymouth A, B and E-body vehicles to showroom condition inside and out, from the body to the engine bay to the interior upholstery with both Mopar Authentic Restoration products and the highest quality factory-style replacement parts on the market.Restoration isn't all we do, either.

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    440 Motorhome Engine Specs | eHow.comDiscover the expert in you. Nothing beats seeing the USA in a classic 1970s motorhome. One of the classic ways to travel the United States is in a motorhome, and one of the most classic motorhome engines ever made is the Dodge 440 by Chrysler Corp.

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    440 Mega Block Torque Specifications | eHow.comDiscover the expert in you. The amount of torque you apply to your engine will secure it.

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    and in search results.To change your location filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page.Click "OK" to accept this setting, or click "Cancel" to set your location filter to "Worldwide".

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    get cash back. No suggestions.Parts & Accessories . Cars & Trucks . Motorcycles . Powersports, Boats & More . Starting out as parts suppliers and industrial assemblers in 1900, the Dodge Brothers branched out and began manufacturing their own vehicles in 1914.

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    DODGE 440/7.2 ENGINES - Automobile, Motorhome & Boat Gasoline Diesel ApplicationsSelect Type...Select Make... DODGE 440/7.2 ENGINES -  [ All engines sold with 7-YEAR/70,000 MILE WARRANTY.

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    154 results for 440 wedge engine found in 0.000 seconds Mr.Gasket Performance Gaskets & Accessories by Prestolite Performance v-8 quick reference guide intake set engine engine cid liters cyl years 318 5.2 8 ...

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    Welcome to 440'S Mopar Motorhome Directory! A comprehensive list of Links to personal and business web sites devoted to Mopar. for review and inclusion in 440'S Mopar Directory.

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