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Bodybuilding.com - Eating Disorders Articles!F.A.T. - A First Hand Experience With The Female Athlete Triad.

Bodybuilding.com - How Bodybuilding Can Help You Fight An Eating Disorder!People from just about any walk of life could suffer from an eating disorder or disordered eating. And, many people with eating disorders become very adept at hiding the signs and symptoms... Learn more.Strict dieting may spark an eating disorder in some people.Focus on the positive in your life and everything you have accomplished.Read about eating disorders and strategies that will help you beat them.

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    • Bodybuilding.com - Hardgainer Helper — From Eating Disorder To Competitive Natural BodybuilderMatthew found the inner strength he needed to overcome his illness in the gym. Read on to see how he changed his eating habits and added size to his frame.Waist: 34.5" Hips: 35.5" Thighs: 23.5" . I battled an eating disorder (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) between 2003 to 2006. In Late 2005 I reached 49kg which was my lowest point. It was here, in line with professional therapy, that I decided I needed to bulk up big time. Click To Enlarge. Matthew used his guns to "off" a pesky eating disorder. I started this process gradually. First, my father purchased my first gym membership in early 2006.

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    • Eating Disorder Support Group - Bodybuilding.com ForumsBodybuilding.com StoreLocation: Greenville, S.C. Recently, I have noticed that there has been several posts regarding eating disorders (i.e. binge eating, bullemia, anorexia, etc....) I thought it might be helpful to those who suffer from such problems to have a place to come to and talk about them and also to receive support. I am starting this thread as a serious subject and, by no means, should it be abused or made fun of. There are a lot of bodybuilders out there, including myself, that suffer from an eating disorder that need support and motivation to combat the problem. Hopefully this will catch on and at least help a few people. So, I would like to start off by stating that over the past 3 months, I have suffered from a severe case of binge eating. I have been "on the wagon" for 2 1/2 weeks and am starting to get my eating under control.


    • Into my first foray into bodybuilding, which was probably in 2010, I had been in recovery for half a decade. I was also woefully out of shape and unhealthy to boot--and I hoped to kick my health in gear with bodybuilding. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my decision was a controversial one because, as one ex-anorexic said, it was simply trading one obsession for another. What I also didn't know was that the bodybuilding industry itself is a cataclysm for fostering eating disordered behavior.After picture on the left; what hard work (and not eating clean!) did to my body. Be warned, what follows is a very discombobulated rant (at least for me) about bodybuilding and its toxic industry.

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    When you think of eating disorders you may typically think of anorexia (Def: Refusal to eat anything until you are extremely thin and malnourished) or bulimia (Def: Eat all you want then go in the bathroom and make yourself throw up until you are thin and malnourished).

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    Female Bodybuilding 101: Your Eating Disorder Risk - Yahoo! Voices - voices.yahoo.comSkip to search.Jul 26, 2011 "Share your voice on Yahoo! websites.

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    Skip to search.U.S. VideoSept. 11U.S. EconomyExplore news, videos, and much more based on what your friends are reading and watching. Publish your own activity and retain full control.This story comes from the Yahoo! Contributor Network, where individuals publish their unique perspectives on some of the world’s most popular websites.

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    Body image, disordered eating and anaboli... [Eat Disord. 2009 May-Jun] - PubMed - NCBI Warning: The NCBI web site requires JavaScript to function.

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    Body image, disordered eating, and anabolic s... [Phys Sportsmed. 2009] - PubMed - NCBI Warning: The NCBI web site requires JavaScript to function.

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    Gary S. GoldfieldBody dissatisfaction and unhealthy eating practices are common among sports and activities that require low body fat or low body weight for enhanced performance.

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    It is very easy for a body builder, especially in advanced and or intermediate levels of training, to fall prey to an eating disorder.

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    Large-scale surveys show that male body dissatisfaction has increased dramatically during the last thirty years, from 15% to 43%, which is a rate almost comparable to those found in women.

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    Striving to look younger and thinner is seen as a worthwhile goal in our society. Women who try to achieve that goal through unhealthy means continue to hide the problem from themselves and from others.  One of the reasons may be that eating disorders are classified as a mental illness and there is a stigma associated with having this disease.In a study undertaken in the UK by Crisp (2005) he found that over 30% of the respondents thought people with eating disorders could pull themselves together, have only themselves to blame, are different to the general population and are hard to talk to.

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