clear anodizing 7075 aluminum discoloration

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Aluminum Anodizing - How To Information | eHow.comAnodizing is an electrochemical process used in converting dull metal surfaces into attractive, corrosion free and durable finishes.

Anodizing ... the finish of choiceEnvironmentally safe aluminum anodizing produces a durable, aesthetically pleasing finish for endless design applications.  0.5µ-7.6µ (microns) 4.18 mg/cm22.32 g/cm3 2.40 mg/cm22.32 g/cm3 A.Q.** Types Non-A.Q.** Types Finishing advice: for 5005-keep silicon<0.1% and magnesium between 0.7% and 0.9%; watch for oxide streaks; 5005 used extensively for architectural Finishing advice: matte-iron>0.2%; bright-iron<0.1%; 6063 best match for 5005; 6463 best for chemical brightening ** A.Q.

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    • We have been having a problem with hardcoat anodizing of 7075-T651 aluminum. We're specifying type III hardcoat, clear/undyed. I know the vendor has been sealing our parts but I'm not sure by which method. Our print does not specify.The problem we're having is blotchy color. Our parts used to be greenish/gold that is common with hardcoated parts. At some point we asked the vendor to make the coating thicker, from 2 mils to 3 mils total. (We grind our parts flat after anodizing and were breaking through at 2mils.) The color of the parts changed to light gray with the thicker coating.Our most recent batch of parts came out gray, as usual. They were gray after grinding. At some point after we shipped the product they became mottled with the grey/gold finish in places.

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    • . 82.6% to 51.7%51% to 41.3%40.4% to 32.6%32.6% to 22.7%22.6% to 17.2%17% to 13.4%13.3% to 10.9%10.6% to 8%7.6% to 3.9% Aluminum , like Stainless Steel, is corrosion resistant . It is, however, much lighter and softer than Stainless and Carbon Steel. To prevent the dull appearance that results from the oxidation of the outer layer, Aluminum can be either clear or color anodized after perforating . Unlike paint or powder coating, anodize film is built from the aluminum itself and takes on a translucent appearance. The alloys listed below are categorized into two types, non-heat-treatable and heat-treatable.This commercially pure, low-strength alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and satisfactory anodizing and coating finishes. It is unmatched by any other commercial aluminum alloy in workability.The most widely used general-purpose alloy because of its good corrosion resistance, moderate strength, formability, and weldability.


    • . Home Page. Robot MIG welding. Best Weld Practices and Process Controls Manual MIG Welding. Best Weld Practices and Process ControlsED CRAIG. Aluminum Welding. Page One. with superior quality than TIG - MIG - FCAW. MIG Welding Aluminum Tips. OLD MIG WELD TECHNOLOGY WITH PROCESS EXPERTISE, OFTEN PROVES TO BE MORE BENEFICIAL THAN NEW ROBOT AND WELD EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY WITHOUT WELD PROCESS EXPERTISE. In the nineteen nineties, Ed set the first multi-robot robot line in North America, to weld a large aluminum application as seen with ABB robots welding aluminum golf cart frames, (above photo). Ten years later, in contrast to more than 80% of the robots in the auto industry welding "carbon steel" parts, the four robots welding aluminum frames achieved much greater robot production efficiency, less down time and less weld rework.

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    . . Provides a tough, colorful shell for metallic parts. Please send a drawing or provide a sample for a quote. Wet paint options for many different applications.

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    A controlled method of anodizing aluminum comprises formation of an aqueous solution of sulfuric and boric acids, immersion of a workpiece in the solution maintained at about room temperature and controlled application of voltage to achieve a current density not greater than about 10 Amperes per square foot.

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    Aluminum Sheet & Coil on Continental Steel & Tube Co.Call Today! 800.487.8335Click on a Product to view details.1100 grade is commercially pure aluminum.

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    Anodise hurt by baking? - Largest Machinist Community on the net! Welcome to the Largest Machinist Community on the net! forums.

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    . . . The Difference between Aluminum & Mercury | eHow.comDiscover the expert in you. Mercury, unlike aluminum, is liquid and cannot be stored in metal containers due to amalgamation.

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    . Chapter 6. Corrosion Removal Techniques Chapter 6. Corrosion Removal Techniques SECTION 1. SAFETY PROCEDURES. 600. GENERAL. General safety precautions, outlined in the following paragraphs, contain guidelines for handling materials with hazardous physical properties and emergency procedures for immediate treatment of personnel who have inadvertently come into contact with one of the harmful materials.

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