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. The Scottish Clans - Knowledge Base, HouseofNames.comFrom is a social group made up of a number of distinct branch-families that actually descended from, or accepted themselves as descendants of, a common ancestor.

Your tartan? Click on the Tartan Ferret.'Clan' is the Gaelic for 'family' and clans belonged to the Highlands. In simple terms, clan society evolved from the earlier Celtic tribal society. Each clan had its own land-owning chief who leased it out to 'tacksmen' who then rented it to the tenant farmers within the clan. In return for this and the protection afforded by the Chief, the clansmen would pledge their allegiance and when called upon, would turn out to fight in the Chief's private army.

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    • S urname Distribution is a process whereby the geographical frequency of a given surname is plotted based on the number of occurences of the surname from either a census (19th century) for a given region, or in recent times based on the occurence of a given name from phonebook entries. While not a completely historical certainty, as to the geographical origins of a given surname, this method can be used to show regions where a given surname occurs in the greatest frequency, and this can often be an indicator as to the geographical/regional origin of that surname. Some surnames are widely distributed and occur in relatively equal numbers (or numbers that don't give enough statistical difference to truly indicate anything about where the surname originated) whereas other surnames do, indeed, occur within very specific and isolated regions within a country.

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    • This map shows the distribution of early clans in the Highlands of Scotland. It appears in 'A Popular History of the Highlands and Gaelic Scotland, from the Earliest Times till the Close of the 'Forty-Five' by Dugald Mitchell, Paisley, 1900 If you would like to view the original item please see the library's website for opening hours. Some other items in this collection... Copyright Images may be downloaded from Am Baile for personal use, and for non-commercial educational purposes such as in a classroom or teaching environment, or for private research. For any other use of images, such as in a publication or on a publicly available website, copyright clearance must be obtained. Please contact us and we will refer you to the relevant copyright owner.We believe we have the owner's permission to publish images we know are in copyright. If you think we have inadvertently used your copyright material without permission, please contact us..


    • The Dickson/Dixon (and other derivates) family name was first found in Scotland. Early records show Thomas Dicson, a follower of the Douglas clan, at the capture of Castle Douglas in 1307. Although the name was Scottish in it's origin, with the spelling of Dicson or Dickson (the most common usage in Scotland today), being a Borders counties name it also spread to the north and midlands of England to become a popular family name with the spelling of Dixon. , the high proportion of the Dixon name appearing in the English northern counties in 1881 is clearly displayed., while a 1998 distribution of the Dixon name, according to UK postcode, continues to show a large distribution in the northern counties of England., displaying the significant presentation of the name in the eastern Scottish border and Lothians areas.

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    . The early history of Clan MacNeil is obscure, however despite this the clan claims to descend from the legendary . The clan itself takes its name from a Niall who lived in the 13th or early 14th century, and who belonged to the same dynastic family of .

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    David Paterson wrote a beautiful picture-laden book describing the whole of the Skye trek, "A Long Walk on the Isle of Skye" (pictures; note that this description is based on the 1st edition of 1999).

  • nitrogen as a liquide and gas Walk in the footsteps of your ancestorsVisit Scotland. Offical ancestral tourism siteContent on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.A selection of packages from travel companies in your country right here at Search for somewhere to stay on VisitScotland.comScottish clans from Scottish Gaelic clann, "children", nowadays give Scots around the world a sense of identity and shared descent.  Try the world's largest clan search to see whether your surname is linked to one of Scotland's famous clans or look at our new clan touring ideas specifically designed to take in the major sites relating to your clan heritage.Why not look at our clan touring ideas specifically designed to take in the major sites relating to your clan heritage.

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    Ness-Scape. Nessies Highland Web Site - Scottish Clans Scotlands clan system is unique, reflecting the richness and variety of the nation's cultural make-up, as well as the turbulence of it's history.

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    What happened next - What happened after Bannockburn?. Scotland c.1000-1200: The Shire, the Thane, the Sheriff and the SheriffdomEwan J. Innes, MA(Hons Scot.

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    The western Highlands of Scotland and Ulster have shared a common background. The best example of this was the ancient territory of Dalriada in North Antrim.

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    Scottish Clans and Tartans.Scottish Clans - An Exciting Insight To...Highlanders: A History of the Scottish...Scottish Tartans in Full Color (Dover...Scottish Clans and Tartans: A Fully...Heraldry: Its Origins and Meaning (New...

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    Copyright© 2008-2012 The McGinley surname is principally a Donegal surname. It has been such since the dawning of our clan in the 1200's, but it can now be found all over the globe in English speaking countries.

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    as an aid to research. DNA testing is not a replacement for traditional documentary research, but can be used in conjunction with the paper records.

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