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Interviews with people in some way connected to music, and who discuss the importance of musicians and the music industry to the struggle for civil rights. Interviewees include Eddie Ray, music executive and copyright commissioner; Lynne Turley, music teacher in Memphis City Schools; Earlice Taylor, director of the Tennessee Cultural Heritage Preservation Society and vocalist; Marc Willis, CEO of Soulsville, U.S.A.; Art Gilliam, chairman and president of Gilliam Communications, Inc.; and Onzie Horne Jr., activist.The Civil Rights Digital Library received support from a National Leadership Grant for Libraries awarded to the University of Georgia by the Institute of Museum and Library Services for the aggregation and enhancement of partner metadata.Ray, Edward W., 1926-King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968Willis, A.

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    • . No specified. Please add a parameter to this template. Please help if you can. The may contain suggestions. (May 2009) in February 2008. leader. Dr. Chavis was born Benjamin Franklin Chavis, Jr. on January 22, 1948 in . In his youth, Dr. Chavis was an assistant to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. Dr. Chavis rose to international prominence as the leader of the Wilmington Ten. A former Vice President of the , Dr. Chavis became the Executive Director of the (NAALS). Since 2001 he has been . Dr. Chavis joined with in 2009 to establish Education Online Services Corporation which is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida. In 2011, Dr. Chavis collaborated with multi-platinum music producer and author Sahpreem A.

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    • and his band. It addressed the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, and a number of other themes. It was set in a called Talgalla, and its central character was based on Armstrong. U.S. State Department. The Brubecks and Armstrong (among many other musicians such as . Fittingly, the Real Ambassadors was about the important role that musicians play as unofficial ambassadors for their countries. in which stones were thrown at the U.S. Embassy, which dissipated following performances by Dizzy Gillespie; Louis Armstrong’s 1956 visit to , and was released the following year. It was produced by . Performers included Dave Brubeck and his band (including . Its most recent release was on label. ; and Carmen McRae. Television cameras, though present, did not capture the performance, and it has not been performed since. revival of the show. A slide/vocal clip of Louis Armstrong singing the title tune at Monterey can be found The Real Ambassadors was able to capture the often complicated, and sometimes contradictory politics of the State Departments tours during the Cold War Era.


    • Legend | 2PAC.COM - The Official WebsiteTupac Amaru Shakur was an inspiration to millions.While 2Pac was most famous for his rap career, he was also a gifted actor, poet and thoughtful while outspoken advocate for the poor and the overlooked in America. During his life, he produced an immense amount of artistic work, which included studio albums, major Hollywood feature films, and published works. He was most prolific in the music industry, selling over 75 million albums. 2Pac’s unapologetic lyrics were relevant, important, and reflective of the hard lives led by many. His music earned attention and respect through a poetic style that embraced street vocabulary while being innovative.

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    “The idea of a substantial book about a major musical figure that pays relatively little attention to his music might seem counterintuitive—or, to put it less politely, pointless.

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    . I was a Mod in late 63 so too were most of my pals: By 64’ ‘Mod’ was in full swing as a UK wide movement originating in London where The Who and other British groups were greatly influencing things.

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    STI Lesson 18 - From Mark Twain to David Bowie: The Artistic Persona vs. The IndividualSTI Lesson 26 - Individual vs. Social Responsibility: From Camus to the CureViewed as an original historical source, popular music reflects the diverse attitudes of the American public at different times in history.

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    Columbia, SC …It is well known that South Carolina played a large role in the Civil Rights Movement. But, did you know that it was also where “We Shall Overcome” became the anthem for that movement? It happened in 1946, as 300 women, mostly black, sung this traditional gospel hymn while on strike at the American Tobacco Company in Charleston.

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    Race, Rock, and Elvis - Michael T. Bertrand - Google - In Race, Rock, and Elvis, Michael T. Bertrand contends that popular music, specifically Elvis's brand of rock 'n' roll, helped revise racial attitudes after World War II.

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    and the Office of University Relations at George Mason University, one of the largest public institutions of higher education in Virginia. For more information or for more copies, please contact the Office of Research and Economic Development at 703-993-2268.

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    on 03.01.12Stay safe, keep yourself and your company litigation free, and things you should do when dealing with the media in its ever changing environment.Jason Gordon, a Miami Attorney, will presentation for PRSA’s Gulf Coast Chapter that will engage you in the do’s and don’t.This program was presented for PRSA’s Gulfstream chapter (Fort Lauderdale) at their lunch and learn in September and the presentation was very well received by their members.Mr.

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    Civil rights activist the Rev. on Friday urged Grammy organizers to reinstate 31 ethnic and minority musical categories that have been cut from the music industry's top awards.U.S.

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    The life of an editor can be literally sweet. For these pages, in addition to reviewing best-selling books, exploring pivotal research, and interviewing scholars and celebrities, we were required to taste-test gourmet doughnuts”).

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