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OrgPlus Professional adds automated importing and publishing functionality and is designed for organizations between 100-1,000 employees.

. Looking for a simple way to spice up your SharePoint site by displaying List, SQL or Bamboo List Rollup data in a chart? Use the Bamboo Chart Web Part to quickly generate charts in your SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 environments and present powerful reports and data summaries to your users.Why solve one SharePoint problem with a Bamboo product when you could solve hundreds, at a fraction of the cost? With one of the four Bamboo Suites, you can introduce a whole new level of power and functionality to your SharePoint environment for up to 40% less than the already low price of Bamboo's individual components.

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    • PERT Chart EXPERT Software - Project planning software for Critical Path Scheduling using PERT charts, Network diagrams, Precedence Diagrams, CPM diagrams and Logic diagrams. PERT Chart EXPERT is a Windows-based project management software application that is used to create PERT charts (also known as Network Charts, Precedence Diagrams and Logic Diagrams). A PERT chart displays the tasks in a project along with the dependencies between these tasks. Using a PERT chart is a great way to define and display the dependency relationships that exist between tasks. The order in which tasks occur is an important part of project planning and PERT Chart EXPERT simplifies the process of creating dependencies and displaying dependencies in an easy to follow diagram.   As a planning tool, use PERT Chart EXPERT to create project plans by clicking and dragging to create tasks and dependencies between tasks.

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    • Our priority is to provide a friendly and simple documentation system for care planing and managing your home. Training is available, but you will find our program doesn't require extensive trainig. We keep you focused on providing care! ALChartsPlus fits your specific requirements.We understand that your facility is unique. We will get you started with our base configuration,for care planning and you can then tailor it to fit your exact needs. You can also customize reports! Access your information anywhere and don't worry about backups! Our system does not require you to install software on your computer. Feature upgrades are accessible automatically and immediately. No need to worry about backups, we have it covered. Cost-effective, eStatements and ePayments. Our monthly pricing model scales based on the number of active residents you have within your facility.


    • When used with Imatest software, the SFRplus test chart delivers a new capability that automatically identifies regions of interest (ROI) and helps you rapidly complete a wide range of image quality tests, including sharpness, lateral chromatic aberration, lens distortion, gamma (contrast), and tonal response. In addition SFRplus test chart offers significant benefits over other popular charts such as the ISO 12233, including:Much less wasted area. About 90% of the ISO chart is covered with patterns that have little value for computer analysis, but the SFRplus test chart makes use of 100% of its test area. Ability to produce a map of sharpness (MTF) over the image surface — up to 23 regions can be automatically analyzed.

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