cadillac low freon signal 1995 deville

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service ride...turn signal...power steering...replace water...remove system...light reset...serpentine belt...electric front...

Wow!  I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard this.  I would be a RICH man!  Please READ the article... No you cannot change them.The values are stored in the ECU(computer) and relayed to it by the speed sensors.You may just need to... 1997 Cadillac Deville shows P1645 on the computer.... Diagnostic Test Code (DTC) P1645 is described by the vehicle manufacturer as "EVAP Purge Solenoid Output Circuit". on the cradle passengers side ,pull wheel fender liner loose at front and you will see it through wheel well.

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    • where do i add freon to my 1995 cadillac sedan... Freon is allways added to the low-side service port.  The service manual does not een mention where the service ports are on your... This is either a cooling system fault which could be, thermostat, radiator or fan thermo switch, check that both top and bottom hoses are... Sufficient coolant?  Check the coolant reservoir  first.  Then, WITH THE ENGINE COOL, undo the radiator cap and check the... my ac pulley is seizing up,how can i bypass it... You will need to order an AC delete idler pulley kit that bolts in place of the AC compressor, there is but one belt for both with and... my 1995 caddy 4.9 surges when you race the motor...

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    • The a/c is full of refrigerant, but does not blow cold, or very hard. The system automatically switches to "Econ" from "Auto" no matter how many times you push the "Auto" button.It's NOT a 2007 Cadillac DeVille, it's a 1991 model. Turn the key on, leave the engine off. Press and hold down the climate control OFF and Temperature Warmer buttons at the same time until the display changes....then release the buttons. Codes beginning with the letters E and or F will display followed by .70 To exit diagnostics turn the key off or press the Climate Control AUTO button.It was like this when I bought it, the previous owner said it cooled fine last year but then just didn't this season. The only F code right now is F11. It had been giving me F11 and F47, but after trying to recharge it, I'm only getting the F11. I tried to recharge the system (it had been converted to r-134) but it only took about 2/3 of a can and then no more.


    • Today's Cadillac Onstar Systems are all digital. In 1999 they were analog systems and those are no longer available in kit form. A digital system is not available unless you purchase a new GM car that is factory equipped with Onstar. A digital system is not available in kit form. It would be a labor cost nightmare to try and take a digital system out of one of today's models (salvaged or not) and install it into a 1999 model. My source is Bob Moore Cadillac in Oklahoma City, OK [redacted] . My recommendation is to choose not to afford such an undertaking. I never asked for your help on any thing. please reverse the charges and do not charge any more fees.

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    1995 Cadillac Deville Electrical Problem Could Causing Fuse Burn Out Shift...When I start my 1995 Deville, fuse a3, 10 amp engine compartment fuse blows whenever I shift car in reverse.

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    1992 cadillac deville: stalls and chugsAnti-theft..disconnected..after 5 mins and that doesnt work plzi tried another guy but he couldnt answer.

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    '59 Caddy had it all -- looks, performance, and comfort. It stood as the ultimate symbol of success, impressive and -- yes -- controversial.

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