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A 24-year-old construction carpenter died when struck by the bucket of a backhoe. The victim was checking the measurements of the footings on the foundation of a building that was being built at the time of the incident.

The Pro & Cons of Backhoe Operator Certification | Backhoe operators are not required to be certified. A backhoe is an excavator that digs up earth by pulling a bucket attached to a boom. Backhoes operators are not legally required to be certified; The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) only requests sufficient training and qualification according to Standard 29 CFR 1926.1427. Backhoes are versatile machines used in a variety of trades, including construction, mining, grounds maintenance and even gravedigging.

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    • Backhoe Operator: Education...A backhoe is a heavy machine used to dig through earth and debris at construction sites. Most backhoe operators are high school graduates who are trained on-the-job. Individuals who are interested in gaining advanced training for the career might consider enrolling in a Heavy Equipment Operator Certificate program.Most heavy equipment operator certificate programs are offered through community colleges, vocational schools and for-profit training organizations. Students learn how to operate several different types of equipment used on construction sites, including backhoes. They might also learn how to operate graders, bulldozers, front-end loaders and dump trucks.

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    • ITC has created a safety training center designed to give prospect and companies in the Material Handling Industry safety courses to enhance employees and the private sector knowledge of the new generation in the Industrial lift and Heavy Equipment, emerging technologies and professional skills. ITC programs will be " HANDS-ON " training designed to assure a quality learning experience on a wide variety of topics. ITC has trained over 10,000 forklift operators throughtout South Florida in the safe operation of this equipment. As required by OSHA -Occupational Safety and Health AdministrationEmphasis is placed on helping you begin to develop new skills and new knowledge in industrial and construction areas that can have practical value in the workplace. Besides technical instruction, the safety coursesoffered at ITC focus on helping you develop new skills for a better opportunity.Unlike many traditional centers, where students spend most of their time listening to lectures in most programs, ITC students also spend time in the lab, where they encouraged to apply what was taught in the classroom and see for themselves how, why and what makes things work.Operators of powered industrial trucks must be fully trained and employer certified as required in recent federal regulation.


    • Objective: Looking for the greatest opportunity to work as a heavy equipment operator for a reputed company.Able to keep records and reports.Able to sit for longer periods of time.heavy equipment.Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.Ability to work independent and long hours out of doors.Excellent communication and writing skills.Able to do duties as assigned and as needed.State Certifications on 25 different skills and equipment operations.for operating semi- tractor trailer trucks and heavy duty dump trucks.end loaders, backhoes and many other heavy maintenance trucks.landscaping equipment and motorized graders.for moving construction equipment from one site to and equipment to detect or protect it from unsafe work and other related maintenance activities.minor repairs and protective maintenance to motorized vehicles.for understanding work orders and construction plans.for other duties as assigned.Expat process Foreman, Experianced on Gold, Copper and Uranium plants in Africa and Asia.Oil Field in Wyoming; worked as Tool Pusher & Driller Mining in Nevada: Mill operator.

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    On-Site Backhoe Operator Safety Training and Books - Bianchi Group, Inc. BIANCHI GROUP, INC. NOTE: Delivered at customers location, unless otherwise indicated.

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    is vital. Operators carrying Cards have demonstrated they possess the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for the safe operation of cranes-without relying on subjective recommendations or judgment.

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    This content requires Adobe Flash Player. the latest version.If you're looking for the leader in heavy equipment operator training, look no further.

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    For the first time since 1971 the federal government is updating crane regulations. Triggered by various lethal crane accidents around the country this past year, the U.S.

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    How Can I Become a...Installation, Repair,...Do you like the idea of using heavy machinery? Are you currently employed in construction or do you aspire to be? You might enjoy working as a backhoe operator.

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    . Excavation/Backhoe Training and Licensing Info. Certification Info.Excavation/Backhoe Info.NEWWA offers a comprehensive excavation safety and backhoe/front-end loader training program to interested students.

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    This training prepares an individual to understand the hazards involved in operating specific equipment. Course includes in-classroom and hands-on training for Aerial Work Platforms, Forklifts, Backhoe/LoadersĀ and Skid-steer Loaders.

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    Help answer this question below.Share your answer here...Click here.Answers. 1 helpful answer below. At Answerbag, we're lucky to work with great writers and researchers who help us answer some of your questions.

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    AIS Training Center - Heavy Equipment Training, Diesel Mechanic Training, Diesel, Operator Training. Rough terrain and warehouse forklift certification.

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