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What should I do if... of charges.Under a .08 and arrested for a DUI in Phoenix, AZI blew a .10 and got a DUIArrested for DUI, but I was under a .08 – do I need a lawyer?DUI Drugs – but I didn’t use drugs that day.Super extreme DUI – but it’s my first offense.Officers found drugs in my home when looking for my son.I was caught smoking marijuana.Felony and job application.Jail rumors about early release.Drugs in the car vs.

W. Pierce SargeantWilliam P. SargeantThe seriousness of a drug charge often centers on the quantity of drugs seized by the government. When drugs are seized illegally in violation of your constitutional rights the evidence should be suppressed, or left out of the courtroom. Will I go to jail? This is the most common question asked by people facing drug charges. While it is impossible to predict the future, we can help you understand the federal sentencing guidelines and we'll fight hard to keep you out of jail.The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects individuals against unreasonable searches and seizures by the government.

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    • Steven D. West, P.C.Profile of Attorney Steven D. West Steven D. West, P.C. 177 North Church Ave., Ste 909 In the United States, we are guaranteed certain individual freedoms in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The freedom of speech, the freedom to practice our own religion are well-known, but we also have the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure of our person or property as well as certain guarantees during the trial process. Often these are overlooked until you or someone you know is affected, whether that be an improper search of the home or incriminating statements improperly being used against you.Protecting your constitutional rights is the cornerstone of my legal practice.

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    • Our attorneys at The Baker Law Firm use their knowledge of constitutional law to protect the rights of clients facing drug charges. The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution protects people from unreasonable search and seizure. This protection is particularly important in drug cases in which law enforcement seeks evidence to use against defendants when prosecuting a drug charge. When police offers violate the provisions of the Fourth Amendment while searching for evidence, our lawyers may be able to fight the charges you are facing.Unreasonable search and seizure issues most often arise when law enforcement searches a car after a traffic stop. The question becomes whether the officers had reasonable suspicion to stop the car in the first place and/or probable cause to search the vehicle. If they have seized property obtained through an illegal vehicle search, the seizure of the property is also illegal.


    • It's not about racial profiling; it's about upholding the law. "As we exercise the right to advocate our views, and as we animate our supporters, we must all assume responsibility for our words and actions before they enter a vast echo chamber and reach those both serious and delirious, connected and unhinged." Those words were written by former President Clinton in a New York Times op-ed marking the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. While Clinton's finger-wagging was directed at critics of the Obama administration, his caution against overblown rhetoric might also be heeded by the vast echo chamber bent on whipping up hysteria in response to a recently passed Arizona law designed to effectively address illegal immigration.

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    Ronald S. Chapman, P.A.U. S. Supreme CourtWhen the police attach a GPS tracking device to your car, they are physically occupying your private property for the purpose of obtaining information about your movements.Fourth Amendment to the U.S.

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    Under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, every citizen has a right to reasonable expectation to privacy.

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    Federal Statute of Search & Seizure | eHow.comDiscover the expert in you. Federal laws determine the legality of home and personal searches.

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    . Arizona v. Johnson (07-1122) | LII / Legal Information InstituteArizona v. Johnson (07-1122)Terry v. OhioOral argument: Dec. 9, 2008, (Sep.

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    Search and Seizure, Due Process, and Public Schools | Education.comThe mission of public schools is to maximize the academic and social development of their students.

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    47. As you may know, in 2010 the state of Arizona passed a law that requires police to verify the legal status of someone they have already stopped or arrested if they suspect that the person is in the country illegally.

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    Arizona v. Johnson--4th Amendment Search and SeizureSup. Ct. 2008-09 Oct. '08 Oral Args. Altria Group v. GoodLocke v. KarassVaden v.

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    DUI Second Offense BAC .23 REDUCED to DUI First Offense | Fairfax VirginiaThe following article is a summary of Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure law as applied in Virginia and the Fourth Circuit.

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    . Plain View Doctrine legal definition of Plain View Doctrine. Plain View Doctrine synonyms by the Free Online Law Dictionary.3,868,956,730 visitors served.

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