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Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), putting the former Massachusetts governor ever closer toward officially clinching the Republican presidential nomination.Former President George W.

Exec. producers program that discusses politics, current events, and pop culture using a fast-paced, impromptu style. The three-hour show is hosted by Chris Lavoie ("The Mooks"). The show debuted in September 2004 and is broadcast live each weekday morning on radio stations throughout the U.S. The radio show should not be confused with Miller's short-lived 1995 with the same name. named Stephanie Miller as one of the 100 most important radio talk show hosts in America in 2007, describing her as a funny, smart, and charming rising star of the progressive talk format.

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    • cable network. ranked her as the 24th most important radio talk show host in America for 2010. ranked her the 21th most important radio talk show host in America. ranked her the 11th most important radio talk show host in America. Washington, D.C.. She is the daughter of former U.S. RepresentativeWilliam E. Miller. After completing her secondary education in private , earning a degree in theatre. . Later in her career, she performed at many comedy clubs around and Los Angeles. Shattered Vows and as a nurse in the 1981 horror film "Happy Birthday to Me". After gaining prominence as a radio and TV host, she had roles where she essentially played herself, as in the movie . Her most significant acting role was in the 1997 comedy film .

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    • Progressive Radio Hosts Say Air America Closing Won't Affect Them - NYTimes.comSearch All NYTimes.comN.Y. / RegionThe hosts of several progressive talk shows hastened to remind fans on Friday that although the brand-name network Air America had abruptly folded, their shows were still on the air.shut down on Thursday afternoon.Although it lacked a substantial audience, Air America aided the careers of several progressive media personalities, most notably Rachel Maddow, who now anchors a prime-time program on the cable news channel MSNBC. Air America replayed her TV show for an hour a day.But like Ms. Maddow, several of the country’s most prominent progressive talkers — Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy — had largely left Air America well before this week’s closing.Al Franken, now a Democratic senator from Minnesota, hosted an Air America show from 2004 to 2007, before running for office.Ms.


    • . In recent years, Air America was losing its relevance, as its best stars moved on to other outlets. Rachel Maddow and Al Franken’s place in the political landscape is a testament to their success, not their failure. But the departure of Air America means that the 100-odd radio stations which carried the programming lose a major source of revenue, meager though it may be. In fact, that’s probably enough to knock a fair number of those stations off the air for good.We know that conservatives skillfully use AM talk radio to deliver messages to their base and whip up mini-storms and frenzies. Liberals were not equivalent in that battle, but were starting to come around.

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    StephanieMillerFilter: Help me find a sound file she used (burnout girl saying "Wut?") on her show. I'm looking for that clip, or the name of the movie/TV show it's from.

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    The Mic 92.1 - Madison's Progressive Talk - The Mic 92.1Workers can now access their Social Security data in just a few keystrokes thanks to a new feature on the Social Security Administration's website.Stuart Levitan - Sun., 10A-12PCountry - 96.3 Star CountryIf you can't wait - click here to visit my page.A San Francisco man accused of trying to sell a grenade launcher was ordered released on bond on the condition he read each day and write book reports.A mild injury can cause structural disruption of axons in the brain while also changing the way the neurons fire in areas where they have not been structurally altered.The daily deals company's shares surged 18% yesterday, and climbed further in after-hours trading after it recorded its first-ever quarterly profit.

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  • comedy videos for free | CANCELLATION Stephanie Miller — Air America broadcastGet the latest budget news and updates affecting Fresno State.Stephanie Miller, who was scheduled to broadcast her national “The Stephanie Miller Show” from the Satellite Student Union at California State University, Fresno Friday morning (April 21) during Vintage Days, has canceled and will not appear on campus.The KFPT AM 790 Web site states the cancellation is due to an unforeseen personal emergency and indicates that the broadcast will be rescheduled for a later date.

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    You are viewing an obsolete version of the DU website which is no longer supported by the Administrators. Visit The New DU. This topic is archived. ," a progressive talk radio network." from 5-8 AM (Central Time).

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    Some of today’s leading voices speak on issues central to restoring strength to middle-class America. Join the lively and engaging discussion on its heritage and future.

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    Subscribers can log in and access digital editions and our got a weakness for Stephanie Miller. I happen to think she’s the best thing going in progressive talk radio.

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    Progressive radio network Air America will determine soon whether its New York home will remain at WWRL (1600 AM).WWRL has been Air America's nominal flagship, though it only carries part of the network's programming.WWRL has its own local morning show with Errol Louis and carries non-Air America hosts like Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz.Air America's deal with WWRL expires soon and Air America CEO Bennett Zier says, "As our contract is winding down, we are in negotiations with WWRL about extending the agreement."Zier declined further comment, but reports have been circulating that the agreement may be allowed to expire, leaving Air America in search of another station.The problem is that the options are limited, particularly among stations with a strong signal.

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