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Give the adventure-seeking someone in your life the chance to live the dream. A Perfect Day Adventure Experience is the ultimate gift for those who love to push the limits and scale new heights.

Call 805.884.9283Oh, I’m sorry. you didn’t have a perfect day yesterday? That’s so sad. Perhaps you should have been me yesterday, enjoying my perfect day. Yes, perhaps that would have increased your happiness quota. Alas! You are not me, and so the day of perfection remains mine and mine alone, but you can vicariously enjoy my perfect day simply by reading this! Lucky you.The mister and I headed off for Santa Barbara relatively early yesterday morn for a day of WINE BY BIKE, courtesy of the Santa Barbara Adventure Company and its stellar guide Eric.

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    • Our very special day-trip, Perfect Day offers the ultimate non-diving Poor Knights experience, with sight-seeing, kayaking, cave explorations, snorkeling, swimming, snippets of fascinating history and Island facts and great food. We are often accompanied by marine mammals, including whales, dolphins and orca. The boat is incredibly well fitted-out, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, upstairs viewing, plenty of facilities and the fabulous ‘fish cam’ live video streaming underwater shots right into the boat.Whatever level of Marine Interaction you can handle. Snorkel, kayak, scuba, or just sit in the sun!How to secure you place, where to find us, and what time we need to see you..

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    • Arriving about 10.45 in the morning, from local accommodation, or via your own transport, you will board directly on to our multi-deck luxurious vessel in the heart of Tutukaka.By 11am you will be at sea on a 23 km open ocean trip to the islands, on a fully licensed and surveyed boat with a professional skipper, and friendly crew.There are many hidden harbours to choose from, so you will always be sheltered and comfortable.Whilst at the Poor Knights Islands we take you on a tour to show you their splendour, including a visit right inside the world’s largest sea cave.Enjoy our free tea, coffee and soups, eat the delicious buffet lunch that is included in your fare, paddle in our kayaks around arches and caves.Arrive back at Tutukaka at 4pm, to relax at one of Tutukaka’s several watering holes, or to travel to your next destination.Twenty three kilometres off New Zealand’s Tutukaka Coast and washed by warm currents swept South from the Coral Sea, the Poor Knights Islands are an international icon.What time to arrive, and when you will return..


    • for updates on this topic.We had spent the morning paddling through thick brash ice to make our way out to the calm waters of Neko Harbour. It was thrilling and exhilarating and by far our best day of paddling yet on our Quark Expeditions tour to Antarctica. We then visited more gentoo and chinstrap penguins on shore before heading back to the ship for one of the most exciting yet ridiculous moments of our life.The Polar Plunge.The sun was shining and it was a gorgeous day as we stood on deck in our bathing suits waiting to jump into the icy waters of Antarctica. Our adrenaline was pumping after that sub zero dip as we warmed up under the sun in the hot tub on the lido deck of the Sea Spirit.Leap of Faith in Antarctica.

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    A daytrip on St. Johns River, Florida A Perfect Day Out On Fraser Island. Heading off from Rainbow Beach during the morning, taking the barke to Fraser Island was easy doing.

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    The best of Nordic cuisine and culture come to life in Perfect Day, the new food, travel and lifestyle series from the producers of New Scandinavian Cooking.

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    Book A WOA! Trip Now.Experience the exhilaration of soaring through the air in the scenic Rocky Mountains! Great for first timers wanting to learn what the ‘buzz’ of Zipline tours is all about.Instead of taking you over gaping canyons or swift moving rivers you will zip through Ponderosa Pines on our Idaho Springs Outpost.

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